A Life-Giving Force

I walk into a garden and I immediately sense a shift. Perhaps it is simply the aromas of thyme underfoot, jasmine on a trellis, roses in bloom, and rich loamy soil. Maybe it is the visual profusion of greens punctuated by blooming color. Whatever it is, I cannot help but feel a pulse of life … Continue reading A Life-Giving Force

Painting with Leaf & Flower

I've been thinking about Carol lately. Wondering if she is out in her butterfly garden getting it ready for spring and a new season of winged visitors. I imagine her deciding to move a plant or two, adding in a few more of this or that, trying something different to attract her favorite species of … Continue reading Painting with Leaf & Flower

A New Pattern: Roomy Tunic!

I've actually had this pattern out in my ETSY shop for a few weeks and just have not taken the time to let you know about it. I've been wearing mine and loving how it fits and how comfortable it is. The added cowl is just perfect for theĀ cold weather we're having. This is a … Continue reading A New Pattern: Roomy Tunic!

Dandelion Tune

I get a tune stuck in my head from time to time. Actually, it happens fairly often. It's not a lovely tune. It isn't melodious at all. It's yucky, gripey, resentful, and angry sounding. I don't like this tune. But every time I'm trying to accomplish something creatively and regular living ramps up a notch, … Continue reading Dandelion Tune

Past Their Prime

Something in my morning reading prompted me to make my way to the Gardens yesterday to draw the waning tulips and daffodils. I also remembered a conversation with my father-in-law years ago where he suggested I paint dying flowers. I don't remember too much of what was said. Perhaps there wasn't much. But I do … Continue reading Past Their Prime

This & That

Here are a few things that might tickle your fancy, as they have mine! I have been so surprised and grateful for the response to my latest shawl pattern, Stripes & Ribbons! I'm very excited that so many folks want to knit this shawl! And I can't wait to see their versions of it! I … Continue reading This & That

A Light Touch

Some floral arrangements are bold and dramatic looking, like the one my husband gave me for our anniversary. Others are softer looking, lighter in their values of color. This one was given to me by a dear friend and her family from Harrisonburg, VA. I wanted to capture that light and airy feel of the … Continue reading A Light Touch

My Other Blog!

I don't know if you're aware that I have another blog! I've maintained this one for many years and I've been posting there lately some of my drawings and paintings of flowers. If you're interested, visit me there and consider following Drawn2Life. I'll be posting here soon as I always have knitterly things to share! … Continue reading My Other Blog!

Cheer In A Vase

I love flowers. Have I told you that? I often feel like Monet who said, " I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers." Yes, indeed. So many ways to depict them, so many mediums to choose from for the color, joy, and shapes of flowers. In my previous post, I shared the LINE version … Continue reading Cheer In A Vase

Celebration Bouquet

On June 25th, my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I have two versions of this gorgeous bouquet he sent me. This one is in LINE and then watercolor added in. Many of you who have followed me here for some time know how much I love line! One of the many reasons … Continue reading Celebration Bouquet