Macy’s Christmas Tree: Free Instructions

Macy has been busy crocheting some Christmas trees perfect for hanging on the tree or for decorating the table. She now has a Christmas tree lot at Southwinds Gallery offering her makes for others to enjoy! For those who crochet, Macy wanted to share how she made them. Instead of offering a PDF to download, … Continue reading Macy’s Christmas Tree: Free Instructions

Maddie’s Cowl…A FREE Pattern!

This is my sweet daughter, Maddie, age 10. She recently got it in her head to knit something for her teachers at school. At first she wanted to knit a scarf. But as time was of the essence, she decided to turn her scarf into a cowl, adding two buttons. She was very particular about … Continue reading Maddie’s Cowl…A FREE Pattern!

Easy-Peasy Lace Scarf

A simple, very easy lace pattern to knit a scarf, or shawl! This 2-row repeat pattern gives you the look of a ripply lace scarf without being tied to your pattern all the time!