A Drawing Opportunity

Though every day, every moment, is a drawing opportunity, I have been offered a huge opportunity to go draw at a beautiful garden in Asheville, NC. This weekend I am headed to Devotion, the name of Mignon Durham's beautiful garden and home which she has built, planted and curated for the past nine years. To … Continue reading A Drawing Opportunity

My Tea Garden

I am a tea drinker. Yes, coffee in the morning...but tea the rest of the day. Hot tea, even in summer. But I do love brewing tea and then pouring it over ice on especially hot days. All kinds of teas...dark and caffeinated to light herbal teas, green teas with a touch of lemon or … Continue reading My Tea Garden

Meet Mortimer & Millicent

A love story in pictures... There are times when you just have to make them. You don't understand why. You're not going to give them to anyone. You want them for yourself. You know it will take time. A lot of time. But you just don't care, 'cause you swooned when you saw this book. … Continue reading Meet Mortimer & Millicent

A Garden of Gratitude

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed these days. The only way I can wrap my head around it is that we're experiencing a harvest time in our family. With the goodness of a harvest, comes a lot of activity. It's all good. But wow. It's a lot. I've been moved and delighted by the response to Genevieve … Continue reading A Garden of Gratitude

A Garden of Hope

I spent a couple of hours working in the Garden this week! In December, you say?? Yes. This is a year-round Garden. A unique garden whose rows and vines are shelving structures. The food "grows" on these shelves and then gets harvested and bailed into bags to be given to school children in Guilford and … Continue reading A Garden of Hope