Courtyard Garden. Ink & Watercolor. Sketchbook. When you look up synonyms for the word Devotion, you read words like affection, ardor, zeal, attachment, fondness, love and passion. There is always something or someone on the receiving end of these words. It isn't possible to just be devoted. One is devoted TO something. One has fondness … Continue reading Devotion

Gardens, Gardens, Gardens!

I have been going to sketch in a garden at least once a week for a few weeks now. What a joy and wonder it is to see the earth come alive in all its spring splendor in a garden! I'm not sure there is anything else quite so grand as to sit and soak … Continue reading Gardens, Gardens, Gardens!

Fresh Wind in the Garden

The season of Lent is not traditionally thought of as a "happy" time. It is meant to be a time of contemplation, of pulling back from areas of dependency to create longing and space for reflection. I decided to pull back from so much Instagram activity but to draw every day in my sketchbook through … Continue reading Fresh Wind in the Garden

Past Their Prime

Something in my morning reading prompted me to make my way to the Gardens yesterday to draw the waning tulips and daffodils. I also remembered a conversation with my father-in-law years ago where he suggested I paint dying flowers. I don't remember too much of what was said. Perhaps there wasn't much. But I do … Continue reading Past Their Prime

Out and About

I've been out drawing various places on Friday mornings and relishing every  minute! My friend Debbie and I parked our drawing chairs in the Gardens, finding all kinds of autumn beauty to draw and paint. A few weeks ago, we ventured just across the street from where I live, to draw the horses at Smith Hollow … Continue reading Out and About

Draw (and Knit) in Public

At the beginning of May, I sat drawing with other artist friends at the Ciener Botanical Gardens here in downtown Kernersville. This is our favorite spot in the warmer months for our Friday morning drawing sessions. In the winter we move indoors to the wonderful Eclection shop downtown. Below is one of the last drawings I … Continue reading Draw (and Knit) in Public

Painting & Poem

Can I attempt to entice you once again to come out for my Art Show this Saturday? From 4-6 pm at Southwinds Gallery here in Kernersville, you'll see this painting and many more of my town. I'll also be signing books, both Genevieve and the Kite and Letters to an Artist.  I am walking around … Continue reading Painting & Poem

Negative Painting

  At the school where I teach art part-time, I am asked to begin each year with a lesson on Nature Study in Dry-Brush Watercolor.  This approach to painting a nature study piece is one of the foundations of the Charlotte Mason approach to education that my school so beautifully exemplifies throughout the K-8 curriculum. … Continue reading Negative Painting