The Traffic Can Wait

I sit in a car. A lot. It is not my favorite thing to do. At all. On good days I can lay hold of the fact that all this driving around is actually due to great blessing in my life - *an active, healthy, ┬áinvolved-in-everything teenager. *lots of classes in neighboring towns guiding women … Continue reading The Traffic Can Wait

The Real Intent Behind an Art Show

There are numerous reasons why artists want to have and be a part of Art Shows. One may be a very simple desire to recoup some of the cost that goes into the making of their creations. Another might be to go beyond that and actually make a profit. Some artists may wish to develop … Continue reading The Real Intent Behind an Art Show

**NEW! Knitterly Cards and Prints!

Hip Hip Hooray!! My Knitterly Arts ETSY Shop now has more than just patterns! I'm now offering cards and prints of my original watercolor artwork...drawings and paintings of all things yarn! Knitting Hands. 5"x5" Matted Print. $12. Purchase here. Knitting Color. 5"x 5" Matted Print. $12. Purchase here. Set of 6 Cards, 3 each of … Continue reading **NEW! Knitterly Cards and Prints!

Sketch Journal Your Life in Yarn

I have wanted to do this for a long time! Actually, I do it all the time, in separate journals, some for writing, some for drawing. But I have wanted them to be all in one sketchbook, instead of in and around all the other drawings I make on a daily basis. (Cover of newly … Continue reading Sketch Journal Your Life in Yarn

Picking Up Where I Left Off

I'm not sure why we put some things down and leave them behind for a while. But when I return to them, it's like a reunion of sorts. There's "Oh I'm so glad to see you!" And things seem fresh and new and you find delight in them all over again. So it is with … Continue reading Picking Up Where I Left Off

A Garden of Gratitude

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed these days. The only way I can wrap my head around it is that we're experiencing a harvest time in our family. With the goodness of a harvest, comes a lot of activity. It's all good. But wow. It's a lot. I've been moved and delighted by the response to Genevieve … Continue reading A Garden of Gratitude

Birthday Reflections

  I awoke this morning, July 29th, to this image in my head. (Click on image to enlarge). Drawing it out onto the page has been good to start the day remembering just how lovely this life is that I've been granted. Sure, there have been difficult things to live through. Definitely there have been … Continue reading Birthday Reflections

Bootie Love!

There are so many fabulous baby bootie patterns available, that I get dizzy just trying to decide which one to make! When we have friends who are getting ready to have a little one, I love knitting or crocheting a pair of booties as a gift. Hmmm...should I crochet a pair of these as I've … Continue reading Bootie Love!

Lovely at the End of the Lane

Many of you know that I love to walk. Prior to my illness and surgery, I walked several times a week, 3-5 miles in and around my neighborhood. The first day I was home from the hospital, the outdoors called to me. But I was only able to make it to the stop sign at … Continue reading Lovely at the End of the Lane

Not Enough Daffodils

Before I landed in the hospital, colitis had progressed to where my everyday life was pretty miserable. I was rapidly losing strength and weight, due to 15-20 visits to the bathroom a day. I couldn't go anywhere. And I couldn't find the energy to do even the simplest of things, like make dinner for my … Continue reading Not Enough Daffodils