Kaleidoscope Living

Some days, all I see is brokenness. Everywhere, in my own life and in the lives of my friends, family, community, state and country...things are broken. Marriages and dreams, health and finances, family ties and good intentions, all have some aspect of brokenness - a tearing of the fabric, ┬áholes of emptiness, or just flat-out … Continue reading Kaleidoscope Living

Crochet2Heal :: Ripple Blanket

**You will need a cup of tea and a comfy chair to fully enjoy this post. Sometimes I think I need to podcast rather than blog, when I have so much to share! Just sit back and relax while you enjoy the color, stories and links here. ­čÖé Several years ago, in a knitting class … Continue reading Crochet2Heal :: Ripple Blanket

The Violence to Healing

I have been, for the last two days or so, feeling so so much better! Not only better from the intense pain I came home from surgery┬áwith, but better than I felt PRIOR to surgery! It has made me think about how I got to this. I hold knitting needles in my hands. And it's … Continue reading The Violence to Healing

Healing and Knitting

An alternate title to this post could be: What I Forgot That I Knew Sometimes that's the way of it...I forget things that I've known so well. Knitting reminds me that things take time. And this week in particular, I've been reminded that healing takes time. Healing of any kind takes lots of time. Major … Continue reading Healing and Knitting