*Crochet Your Heart!

(Last year's Valentine's Card. I'm working on this year's!:) I think I might like Valentine's Day even more than Christmas. Well no...maybe it's a tie. What I like is that Valentine's is simple. Or can be. Just a little gift to let someone know you "heart" them. And of course, the chocolate is pretty cool too! … Continue reading *Crochet Your Heart!

Stashbuster Mixed Media Cowl

Before my Art Show in November, I made several of these and they have been well received by many folks there buying them for gifts or for themselves. I wanted to type up a tutorial for any who might be interested in making one (or LOTS) also. It's a great way to use up your … Continue reading Stashbuster Mixed Media Cowl

Let It Flow

Finally. I just received my copy of One Watercolor A Day in the mail! But I've only had time to read Veronica Lawlor's introduction. When I got to the words, "Let it flow..." I knew I was going to love this book! So after teaching yesterday and after dinner, I sat down to my drawing … Continue reading Let It Flow

To Timaree et al

An online artist friend, who has visited my blog for many years and has been a huge encourager, asked a question in one of her recent comments on this beach post. I thought I'd take a bit of time to answer her questions, which may be of interest to others as well. Here is what … Continue reading To Timaree et al