Final Day

 Wishing I could fly my kite all the way home from the beach, I'm enjoying the last full day here. There are so many drawings I've not been able to share with you...perhaps I can create some sort of video montage for you when I get back home. But not before I fly a kite … Continue reading Final Day

A Day at the Beach…

"A day at the beach is like silk in your hands..." I dunno. Even though there's sand and salty water, it's just how it feels to me...silky, blythe days unfurling in color and doodles.P.S. I'm using my ipad for blogging, including taking the pictures. The color is not nearly so vibrant as the actual page … Continue reading A Day at the Beach…

Responding to Rutenberg: Limitations

ID#102 In Brian Rutenberg's Studio Visit #16, he begins the talk recounting some casual banter between friends over dinner one evening.  The subject was "limitations", which he says "Every artist has" and that he is continually inventorying his. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard him say this, wondering what, if any, … Continue reading Responding to Rutenberg: Limitations

Responding to Rutenberg

ID #103 I've recently discovered an artist whose work and words I'm eating up these days.  To say that his paintings are delicious would be correct...the color, movement, and draw-you-in composings on canvas are breathtaking.  His words are equally inspiring. Brian Rutenberg lives and works in New York City.  His work is about as far … Continue reading Responding to Rutenberg