Limiting Input

I have whisperings...little thoughts that return, quietly, gently. I am making an effort to listen to a few of them. Here's one: What would I make, or want to make, if I limited how much I am seeing in the way of what other's make? I love Instagram. Well, perhaps I should say that I … Continue reading Limiting Input

The Anti-Inspiration that Works!

I have found some of the most unusual inspirations along the creative path as an artist. I may be the only one who finds freedom and renewed passion in these quirky anti-inspirations, but I'll share this latest one with you, just in case it helps you too! Here's how it goes... My passion for drawing … Continue reading The Anti-Inspiration that Works!

Sketchbook Chat #3

I'm getting a bit better! This one is under 15 minutes! Woo! Hoo! In this Sketchbook Chat I share a demonstration of adding watercolor to a drawing of a privacy fence. What I aim for in these videos is not to teach you exactly how to hold the brush or apply the paint, but ways … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #3

April Knitterly Arts Newsletter!

My Knitterly Arts Newsletter for April is now winging its way to email boxes around the world! If you'd like to subscribe...CLICK HERE! And do share with others who might enjoy receiving a bit of yarny inspiration!

A Newsletter for You!

I now have a FREE Newsletter to offer you!! At the end of last week I worked with MailChimp, an awesome newsletter creating site, to send out my first one. It is full of inspiration to keep the fiber flowing in your hands! I have all sorts of ideas and plans for this little newsletter, … Continue reading A Newsletter for You!

PRE-ORDER for Letters to an Artist

It's getting close to the publishing date for Letters to an Artist!! For those of you who have been following on my other blog, I'm excited to announce that the previous 75 Letters have now been compiled into book form and will be available for purchase on or before the 20th of November!! I have … Continue reading PRE-ORDER for Letters to an Artist