Sketchbook Chat #5: Ordinary Drawings from an Ordinary Life

It is my desire to resume my Sketchbook Chats, so I'm picking up where I left off and offering you the fifth one! I was out in my backyard drawing the rhododendron bush that is showing off right by our deck. I had planned to video more outside there, but alas, a neighbor began to … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #5: Ordinary Drawings from an Ordinary Life

The Traffic Can Wait

I sit in a car. A lot. It is not my favorite thing to do. At all. On good days I can lay hold of the fact that all this driving around is actually due to great blessing in my life - *an active, healthy,  involved-in-everything teenager. *lots of classes in neighboring towns guiding women … Continue reading The Traffic Can Wait

Oh No… I think I’ve ruined it!

This is such a regular thought that goes marching through my head as I create, that I am used to it now, and I've even grown to expect it. It wasn't always so. There were years that  a fair panic would nearly shut me down completely when this thought would blaze its way into my … Continue reading Oh No… I think I’ve ruined it!

InkTober UnderWay

#InkTober is proving to be such fun for me! I saw that it was coming up a few days before October began from Liz Steele's Instagram feed. I thought it would be a great opportunity to just play with ink of all kinds...pens, washes, even a splash of color if I wanted to. I got … Continue reading InkTober UnderWay

Sketchbook Chat #2

FINALLY!! The second Sketchbook Chat is now up on You Tube for you to enjoy! Sketchbook Chat #2 Here are some links of a couple of things I mention in this chat: Danny Gregory's website A Pilgrim's Draw Camino Bakery Thank you again for spending your time with me in these little video-blogs! I truly am … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #2

Sketchbook Chat!

I am excited to offer a new way to share my sketchbook with you! This is the first in a series of Sketchbook Chats where I will share with you anywhere from a few pages in my sketchbooks or a tour of a whole one (as you will see here). My aim is to inspire you … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat!

The Real Intent Behind an Art Show

There are numerous reasons why artists want to have and be a part of Art Shows. One may be a very simple desire to recoup some of the cost that goes into the making of their creations. Another might be to go beyond that and actually make a profit. Some artists may wish to develop … Continue reading The Real Intent Behind an Art Show

Living Now

The difficulty of living now on this side of sickness and surgery, has been I know that sounds crazy and messed up. But there it is. In sickness or trial of any kind, there's an intensity to life. A laser sharp focus. No matter how yucky the circumstance may be, there's nevertheless a funneling … Continue reading Living Now

Cast On

Here's where it all starts. Make a slip knot and begin. Cast on a desired number of stitches and then work the rest of the piece from there. There's no way around it really. You have to cast on. Even if it's only two stitches. Or two hundred. This is how we begin. Yet it … Continue reading Cast On

Knitting Up the Un-Ravelled Sleave…

After last week's move of three kids into their new "homes", I've needed this week to mend.  Oldest daughter is now happily situated at Wingate University for her final year. Middle son is LOVING his first days as a freshman at East Carolina University. And youngest is enjoying her new "big kid" room she moved into … Continue reading Knitting Up the Un-Ravelled Sleave…