What Drawing Feels Like…

Some days, as I fly around doing all the things my life carries me to do, I feel a bit like a kite.  I’m flying, yes! But I’m also at the mercy of the winds and weather, which are ever changing.

Drawing feels like the kite string…the tether that holds me to home and family, love and light.  Without this life-line, I would fly off into the stratosphere.

At the end of particularly heavy-wind-fighting days, I sit down with pen in hand and I draw.  I mark the lines of the tether, following the contours of objects or people nearby.  And I find that the wind dies down a bit, my racing heart-beat slows, and my wind-burned cheeks stop stinging.

I like flying.  I do.  I’m just really glad there’s string…and home on the other end of it.  A lovely metaphor for life, yes indeed.

**Addendum: There are times when drawing feels like the string that ALLOWS me to fly!  When my nose is put to the domestic grindstone too much, drawing has a way of letting me breathe a bit, lift my sights beyond the end of my nose, and fly.  Other times, I need the tether, holding me fast when life feels like it just might fly apart!