Spinning Wheel Basket

My new-to-me Ashford Traditional spinning wheel requires the use of an orifice hook, which is not a necessity with my vintage Louet hand-painted wheel. I also have learned that I need to oil my wheels far more often than I had been doing and this has made such a difference in the way both wheels … Continue reading Spinning Wheel Basket


As if it weren't enough to have an Art Show to prepare for, Genevieve has also dived, head first, into SEVERAL knitting and crochet projects! Add to that the drawcumenting of her days, the cooking for family, the shuttling children here and there, the everyday goings on of small town living...and she's waving her white flag! "Uncle!" Lucy, … Continue reading Buried!

How Now Brown Sweater?

Genevieve has begun to knit a new sweater...one of her own designs that is sure to be lovely IF ONLY she can push through the many yards of Brownness! Read more about it here!