As if it weren’t enough to have an Art Show to prepare for, Genevieve has also dived, head first, into SEVERAL knitting and crochet projects! Add to that the drawcumenting of her days, the cooking for family, the shuttling children here and there, the everyday goings on of small town living…and she’s waving her white flag! “Uncle!”

Lucy, her cat, doesn’t seem to be too worried about her though! In fact, truth be told, she’s sitting under that mound happily working at whatever her hands need to be doing at any given moment. Well, maybe there’s the odd groan of frustration from time to time. But in case she is scarce around blogland in the coming weeks, you’ll know why! :0

How Now Brown Sweater?

Genevieve has begun to knit a new sweater…one of her own designs that is sure to be lovely IF ONLY she can push through the many yards of Brownness!

Read more about it here!


Hmmm…not sure the spelling is right on this! Ha! Ha! But oh well! Fun to draw anyways and you get the point, I think:)

Genevieve is showing off her latest knitted booties.  These are made from a pattern by Susan B. Anderson whose blogs,  I Just Want to Knit and  Spud & Chloe, are wonderful for those who like to knit.  There are tons of free patterns on these blogs, of which this one, titled Page 81 Booties is found in the left-hand margin on this blog.  The really cool thing about these booties, is that they’re made of only two little squares!  (Susan uses three squares for added stiffness, but I didn’t feel mine needed that.)  They involve a simple fold or two, sewing them together, and then embellishing with whatever you’d like on top.  Genevieve is already on to her second pair of them…you never know when you need a pair for a gift!

AND…Genevieve also wonders what you’ve been up to lately…any “ta(h)-dah’s” for you?  Wouldn’t it be fun if we started a chain reaction of Ta(h)-Dah’s across the blogosphere ?  If you post a “ta(h)-dah”, send me a link to it…I’d surely love to cheer along with you!


It’s of some interest, when life goes on full tilt, to notice what we’re drawn to.  In the  midst of so many epic events of late, I pulled out yarn and needles.  An inexplicable desire to see and feel lovely colors flow through my fingers, to watch them become something, and to hear the click click of bamboo needles.  Lucy, Genevieve’s cat, was very jealous of lap time.  But I didn’t get to sit for very long.  Just a few minutes of knitting was all I needed.  Then stuff it in my purse, dash to the next thing, and when I had a moment to sit, click click again.

Now that things are slowing down a wee bit, I hope to get back to drawing more, keep on knitting and crocheting, and maybe even pet Lucy some.

Bienvenue à Tous!

Welcome All!  Genevieve is so glad you’ve popped in for a visit! You can read more about her in the category titled, Genevieve. But to give you a brief bio:  She’s an american who fancies herself to be french. She loves tea, flowers, birds, and trees. She wants to be present in all she does. To help her “just be!”, she loves to draw, paint, write, sing and play music, knit and crochet. At the end of it all, she just likes to sit and listen…the world is teaming with life, if she’ll only be still and listen for it!

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