Marisol & Me

Oh Marisol, Marisol... Your given name says it all- Merry-go-rounds and parisols, Wide-eyed adventures, stories untold. *** Yet hearth and home, heather and loam, They call you back, n’er to roam. Content to spin yarns of shalom And scatter joy here in my home. *** Let us whirl our wool and sparkled light Sipping tea, … Continue reading Marisol & Me

Adventure Shawl

Millicent loves this shawl! I can't say I blame her. I started it before the recent "knitting adventure." Packed it for the travels. You see it there at #2. Macy is standing on the lime green for the ruffle. I did not get that far while in hospital. But I actually felt well enough to … Continue reading Adventure Shawl