Petal Showers

“Hey mom! It’s snowing or hailing outside! Did you know this?” my freshman-in-high-school son hollers to me from the living room.  Dashing to the window, we all said in response to him, “That’s not snow! Those are petals!”  It was raining petals from all the pear and plum trees in our neighborhood.  It looked something like snow! Maybe not hail, but like pink and white snow!

I’m guessing we just didn’t have enough real snow this winter to remind him of what that stuff looks like. 🙂

I don’t think I was very clear about WHY my kids have cheshire grins…my oldest daughter, after postponing getting her license for a while, was able to get it back in February; the soon-to-turn fifteen year old boy has just finished the written part of drivers’ ed and can’t wait to get his permit in May; and my youngest just got braces.  Though she was so excited to get braces at first, her enthusiasm has since diminished due to a very sore mouth! Poor girl…so much to manage with Type 1 diabetes, braces, and growing into a young lady.  In approximately two months time, our oldest daughter will graduate from high school.  So many rich and wonderful landmark events going on in our house.

With all this happening, I’m so grateful for drawing.  It’s as if my pen or paintbrush becomes a straw through which I can drink in my life and the lives of my children. Drawing enables me to taste and savor these moments.  And I’m so thankful for many of you who have plunged in to these mini-lessons with me.  I can’t wait to post Friday’s lesson…and next Friday…and the next…:)

Life is there for the drawing! Let’s have at it!