Where the Light Shines

I have started numerous times to write this post over the last two weeks and each time, something tragic has happened to cause me to pause. Whenever I want to write about the dark and difficult times in life that we all experience, I always want to offer hope. I desire with every fiber of … Continue reading Where the Light Shines

Filaments of Light

What is it about spinning? The wonder...the allure? Can someone even explain why? I will attempt to do so here, but at the end of it all...this fascination baffles me. From a certain viewpoint, taking fluff of various kinds and turning it into string seems incredibly strange, silly and perhaps even nonsensical. You know how … Continue reading Filaments of Light

Kaleidoscope Living

Some days, all I see is brokenness. Everywhere, in my own life and in the lives of my friends, family, community, state and country...things are broken. Marriages and dreams, health and finances, family ties and good intentions, all have some aspect of brokenness - a tearing of the fabric,  holes of emptiness, or just flat-out … Continue reading Kaleidoscope Living

Light in the Waiting Room

I sat in the waiting room for the final appointment with my surgeon last week. The lamp on the table beside me was on even though it was daytime and fairly bright in the fluorescent hospital lighting. It struck me as odd, to have a lamp in a waiting room that was already lit with overhead … Continue reading Light in the Waiting Room