Living Now

The difficulty of living now on this side of sickness and surgery, has been I know that sounds crazy and messed up. But there it is. In sickness or trial of any kind, there's an intensity to life. A laser sharp focus. No matter how yucky the circumstance may be, there's nevertheless a funneling … Continue reading Living Now

Wholehearted Living

In Brene Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfection, she talks about Wholehearted Living. I keep reading and re-reading this book as it contains so much that is good for continuing to live wholeheartedly even when life is so very FULL! As we careen to our son's graduation this Friday, party on Saturday and all end-of-school-year events, … Continue reading Wholehearted Living

Stemming the Tide? or Riding the Wave?

The above drawing illustrates how I'm experiencing my days lately. The reasons for this are many and varied, not the least of which is just trying to get back up to speed with normal everyday living in the aftermath of major surgery. Life as a pastor's wife, a mother of three incredibly talented musical kids, … Continue reading Stemming the Tide? or Riding the Wave?


A continuation of thoughts on dreams & reality... Between dreams and reality lies a tension that is not easily eased. When your reality feels very far from your dreams, the tension can be so great you feel you might snap at any  moment. Your life, even though it may appear to others as a good … Continue reading Tension