Master Mallow Roaster

I nearly titled this post "Master Mallow Marsher". Around our house we ask, "Wanna go marsh some mallows?" As if "marsh" was the action of placing a "mallow" into a fire to roast. I looked up the history of this word and discovered that the marshmallow is actually an ancient Egyptian plant from which the … Continue reading Master Mallow Roaster

A Favorite Barn

At the end of a road down which I walk each day, is a wonderful old barn. This barn sits on Smith land and is a part of Smith Hollow Farm where my artist friend Debbie and I have spent many a happy morning drawing the land, their horses, goats, and donkey named Elvis. As … Continue reading A Favorite Barn

For Ellen

Macy Macy knew, that as she grew, her love for all things making was growing still, her heart to fill ... crocheting, quilting, baking! Yet in all this, one more was bliss a thread ran through them all— A gift to give, for this she lives, something not found at the mall. So Macy made, … Continue reading For Ellen

Once Again…?

Could you pop next door once again? Stew Crother might say in a lovely English accent, "Will you nip in next door?" Or, as folks might say from my Southern region in the USA, "Y'all come on over now, ya hear?" Anyway, Genevieve would love it if you could visit her today! Merci!

The Grumble Blankie

Recently, I've realized a nasty habit:  I complain a lot.  You might be surprised at this.  But if you heard the tape that runs in my head some days, or if you asked my'd hear an awful lot of grumbling.  Laundry, dishes, dust, work, busyness, crazy drivers, not enough of this, too much of … Continue reading The Grumble Blankie

Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #2

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you! Purchase this in my ETSY shop HERE. Just $12 to Discover Your Life Beautiful...One Drawing At A Time! Sincerely, Jennifer Edwards

Three Cheshire Grins

Big doings in the Edwards household these days... All three kids wearing smiles as wide as their faces... I'd have to say...I am too! 🙂 **A Note about the Mini Lessons starting this Friday!!  I'm a little overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm...and so I'm afraid maybe you might be thinking this will be like an interactive … Continue reading Three Cheshire Grins