My Trellis

There's been lots of livin' and therefore lots of drawin'!! Somehow I thought life would slow down after the wedding, but since it hasn't, filled to the brim with all good things, I've taken to drawing to slow down the moments a bit, to lean into all the goodness jam-packed into my days and weeks. … Continue reading My Trellis

All My Attention

Every drawing tells a story. It doesn't matter whether it is abstract or representational, detailed or dashed off, unfinished or speaks of life in that moment, what was going on either in the artist's physical world or in their feelings and thoughts. More often than not, it encompasses both. I often feel like Irene, … Continue reading All My Attention

Be All Here

I sat on the edge of the steps leading down to the ocean from our beach house. Saying goodbye is always hard. A week of family, fun, rest, relaxing, walking, reading, drawing and knitting...hard to top that. I drank in the gorgeous sky above the water, trying to notice and take in everything about it … Continue reading Be All Here


I am realizing anew that there's a time for every season under heaven. (photography courtesy of Hazel Kuehn Photography) There's a time for celebrating. And a time for grieving the passing of an era. There's a time for illness. And a time for healing. There's a time for making marks. And a time for white … Continue reading Time

Charcoal Love

I'm working through a batch of commission work, some of which is in charcoal. I love working with charcoal, especially portraiture. It is incredibly fun to watch a face emerge out of the ash on the page and to see personality peer back at you through the values. So much fun! I realized I never … Continue reading Charcoal Love

If Knitted Socks Could Speak

I'm thinking about socks these days. How much I like to knit them. How much I like to wear them. How they go so many places as they're being knitted. How they go even more places once they're knitted and on my feet. They seem to be the perfect humble work...both the knitting and the wearing … Continue reading If Knitted Socks Could Speak

JDRF One Walk 2015

Stepping down into the throng of people lining up to Walk is always a bit emotional for me. To see a sea of fellow humans who are, in some fashion, walking this path of Type 1 Diabetes, is at once startling and comforting. Startling in the fact that this wretched disease touches so many lives, … Continue reading JDRF One Walk 2015

Forever Reminders

I have a reminder forever attached to my body. A sticky-note, if you will, to remind me of something or things very important. Things I don't ever want to forget. I see it multiple times a day. I re-dress it every four days. I clothe myself in particular ways so as to live most comfortably … Continue reading Forever Reminders


I woke this morning thinking of Christmas. Not so much an anticipation of the busyness of activities...but rather more a need for Christmas, for the festiveness of it, the music of it, the twinkle and sparkle of it. Birds are everywhere on the feeder. They fly to and fro, jockey for position, nudge another off, tilt their heads back … Continue reading Seeing