Drawing the Chaos


Early this morning I felt the need to draw the chaos that is my desk. A true picture of the shape of my life right now: mounds of papers from school (both mine and my kids), yarn, end-of-year tax gathering, yarn, knitting patterns and projects, yarn, books I’m “reading”, oh and did I mention yarn?

For whatever reason, I just needed to draw it. This is me, my life right now. It wasn’t bugging me too badly at all. There was actually some sense of delight in the flurry of  stuff! But what happened immediately upon drawing the chaos, I cannot explain to you.

I began tidying up! Who knew? Who knew that in drawing the mess, a bit of motivation would appear to straighten it up! Could it be that if we are in need of motivation for anything, that all we have to do is simply DRAW IT? And we just might find ourselves doing the very thing we thought, “I have no time for that!”

Crazy, this drawing life. It continues to amaze me.

P.S. In case you’re wondering…I drew this with fine liner pens early in the morning, then added a splash of watercolor this afternoon when I had a few moments. For  me, art is not always available in two-hour long chunks. I gotta take it when I can, a few minutes here, a few there! When you draw in the early morning, you have the satisfaction of “well, at least I got one drawing in today” for the rest of the day. But you might find that in the early morning bleariness, you accidentally drew with your sketchbook upside down, as I discovered later today. 😉