I Hear It

Wouldn't you like for me to tell you the thing your heart has always wanted to hear? Wouldn't you like to hear those words feel them on your face rumbling in your belly? Wouldn't you want to wake up each morning to those eternal words you're starving to feast upon? *** Out there we can … Continue reading I Hear It

Knature & Knitting

I often stand in a place of beauty and I see it in fibers. Wools, cottons, silks, acrylics pop out of the landscape or garden I'm viewing. Colors and textures get translated into yarns. And when I go to my favorite LYS I see them: the bright colors of cocks comb and cosmos, the lovely … Continue reading Knature & Knitting

“The Fringes of a Dress…”

Where Dwellest Thou? O what is it that wanders in the wind?And what is it that whispers in the wood?What is the river singing to the sun?Why this vague pain in every charmed sense,This yearning, keen suspense? Often I’ve seen a garment floating by,fringe of it only; golden brown as it layOn the ripe grasses, fern-green … Continue reading “The Fringes of a Dress…”