To Sit With What Is :: A New Year’s Surrender

There is something delicious about standing at the edge of a new year! It feels like starting a brand new sketchbook (oh the possibilities!), or casting on a new fair isle project (the colors, designs and so many knits & purls to look forward to!), or setting out fabric scraps with an eye to what … Continue reading To Sit With What Is :: A New Year’s Surrender

Roadside Word Picking

New Year's Eve...I love Eve's. They feel like that timeless space of hovering right before warp speed takes over. The eve of something begs for preparation, anticipation, reflection... a mindfulness about the next day and all that it will usher in. Christmas Eve feels like that, and so does New Year's Eve. The living room … Continue reading Roadside Word Picking

2015 :: Delight!

Happy New Year to All! The third and final thing I'm keeping in the forefront of my mind for this new year is perhaps the main bit underlying and undergirding the previous two. **How will I determine what to major in, focus on, emphasize? Delight! **How will I follow through on the less than glamorous … Continue reading 2015 :: Delight!

Follow Through

Close on the heels of Majoring In One Thing At A Time, is the need to follow through with what you've determined to major on for that day, or series of days. I am the queen of creative ADD, an expert "waffler", starting one thing and then switching to another mid-stream. Once the excitement of … Continue reading Follow Through

The In-Between

In the quiet of early morn, my mind a hummingbird darting from one flower to another, not staying long enough to really drink much in or resolve a thought. This is how I know I'm feeling better. In the early days home from surgery, there's a single-minded response to pain. All energy goes to … Continue reading The In-Between