Hallow the Moments

Hallow verb hal·low \ˈha-(ˌ)lō\ Definition of hallow transitive verb 1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use 2 : to respect greatly : venerate The last few days I've been thinking about this phrase...Hallow the Moments. It felt like familiar marching orders. Like a tune I've heard many times before just in a … Continue reading Hallow the Moments

Delight :: 2015

Happy New Year to One and All! This is the word I've chosen for this New Year!! Actually, it feels a bit like the word was tugging at my sleeve, asking to be picked up and carried throughout 2015. As I look down the corridor of 2015, I'm delighted that I don't have surgery awaiting … Continue reading Delight :: 2015

Follow Through

Close on the heels of Majoring In One Thing At A Time, is the need to follow through with what you've determined to major on for that day, or series of days. I am the queen of creative ADD, an expert "waffler", starting one thing and then switching to another mid-stream. Once the excitement of … Continue reading Follow Through