Hallow the Moments

verb hal·low \ˈha-(ˌ)lō\
Definition of hallow

transitive verb
: to make holy or set apart for holy use
: to respect greatly : venerate


The last few days I’ve been thinking about this phrase…Hallow the Moments. It felt like familiar marching orders. Like a tune I’ve heard many times before just in a different key. A thread I’ve followed for many years, but now has a new color. A food I’ve loved, but with an added spice.


It’s Artful Living. Looking for Beauty in everyday places. Creating something to honor those moments where exquisite loveliness is found…even if it is in humble surroundings or painful events.


Hallowed Moments. They certainly present themselves to me unbidden. But most of the time I have to be purposeful about looking for them. I plan on doing more and more of this in 2016.


At the root of Hallowing the Moments is a sort of brief pause where I breathe into the landscape of my life at any given moment and I embrace it, take a mental picture of it, draw it, look for the beauty in it, create a space for presence, God’s presence there, enlarging that moment, putting a stake there to say here, here it is, a moment of beauty, a space of grace.


From that root will grow all manner of creativity. It may be simple contour drawings, or broad swaths of paint, watercolor splashes, or charcoal portraits. It may be knitted garments, crocheted designs, embroidered art, perhaps more books. It’s exciting to be on the brink of a new year of making. A year to make space for love and light to break through.

Hallow the Moments with me! Join me in searching for beauty and creating something to honor it. Let’s spur one another on in our endeavor to Live Artfully, hallowing the moments of our lives.

Happy New Year dear reader!! Thank you, thank you, for your visits here!


Hallowed Moments:

*The first sketch is a continuous line drawing made a couple of mornings ago when the phrase Hallow the Moments came marching into my head. I thought…well, this is as good a place as any to practice it. I’ve been here in this same place morning after morning for so many years. Is there anything new for me? Is there anything here, in this ordinary moment, to see? to hear? A simple continuous line, wonky, funky, untamed…slowed me down, allowed me to see that even in a rather frenetic place such as my studio sunroom, peace can be enjoyed.

*The second drawing was made before Christmas as I enjoyed a drawing “hop” with two of my favorite local artists. We have done this now for two years: we travel to each other’s homes to draw our Christmas trees or decorations, eating treats along the way. Definitely a moment to respect and set apart as special.

*Knitting socks continues to be a fascination for me and a lovely opportunity for breathing into my life and throttling down the the busy go-go-go pace. Stitch after familiar stitch brings about a new and interesting pattern.

*I have moments where my inner landscape is in need of broad swaths of paint, just paint. My sketchbook becomes a paintbook. Rich color in simple bold strokes restores my sanity in anxious moments.

*This last drawing in charcoal is something I will tell you more about soon! I worked on it yesterday and I’m sure I’ll be refining it in the next couple of days. But it is created from a photo, taken this Christmas, of my husband with two of my nieces. It was a beautiful moment of fun and goofiness. Definitely worth savoring many times over with a charcoal drawing.

Delight :: 2015

Delight2015 lowres

Happy New Year to One and All!

This is the word I’ve chosen for this New Year!! Actually, it feels a bit like the word was tugging at my sleeve, asking to be picked up and carried throughout 2015.

As I look down the corridor of 2015, I’m delighted that I don’t have surgery awaiting me! My husband and I both turn 50 this year! Our second child will graduate from high school and go off to college! And our youngest becomes a teenager, turning 13 in just a few days!

I realize there are a lot of unknowns. Whatever this year holds, I want to delight in the little things along the way. I want to find beauty in every moment, whether it be mundane or magical, pretty or painful.

I look forward to delighting in more knitting and crocheting, in teaching others these wonderful skills, in drawing and painting, in creating a book or maybe two.

How about you? Do you have a word for this year? I’d love to hear about it! I plan on posting here much more often, so plan on stopping by as much as you can.

May your New Year be bright and delightful as you take delight and relish each day that is given to you!

**If you’re interested in reading about a couple of other ways I’m approaching this New Year, check here and here on my Drawn2Life blog.

Follow Through


Close on the heels of Majoring In One Thing At A Time, is the need to follow through with what you’ve determined to major on for that day, or series of days. I am the queen of creative ADD, an expert “waffler”, starting one thing and then switching to another mid-stream. Once the excitement of a “new project” wears off, I’m dreaming of other projects to begin. “Start-itis” can be a real issue.

In 2015 I’m wanting to continue to explore ways to follow through on creative projects, especially the ones that require a long term commitment…such as writing a knitting pattern or illustrating a children’s book. One of the projects I’m going to major on is the next Genevieve book! I’m really excited about it now! But I know, from experience, that many sketches and drawings into the developing of illustrations will find me looking for other projects to begin. Here’s how I plan on tackling that issue. It has helped me enormously in the past and I plan on employing it in the New Year as well:

1. Break down the long term project into bite sized pieces.

2. Designate small amounts of time daily to the project, allowing for time to be spent on other projects as well.

Approaching a larger creative endeavor in this manner has been hugely helpful in getting me to the finish line. Working this way, I hardly even realize how much I am actually accomplishing. One baby step at a time adds up to a finished project, sometimes sooner than I had expected. When I think of following through on the project as a whole, I can be tired before I’ve even begun! But facing just 30 minutes a day to work on said project, seems so do-able and exciting. Many times I find myself going past the 30 minutes, happily working for longer. But I do cut myself off, so that the freshness and excitement remains for the next day.


The crazy thing is that I have several long-term projects I’d like to tackle. So I do have to limit myself. Be reasonable, for goodness sakes Jennifer!!

**Tomorrow, New Year’s Day, I’ll share with you the third and final way I want to move through 2015. I hope you all have a fun time ringing in the New Year!

See you in 2015!

***Please feel free to share ways you’ve found to follow through on your creative endeavors in the comments! We can all benefit from each other!


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