A Grand Day for Walking


We awoke to 25 degree (Fahrenheit) weather…brrrrr! Maddie and I pulled on layers of clothing to stay warm outside for a morning Walk.  We picked up several of her friends on our way to the BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, NC and joined a throng of other winter-garbed folks for a brisk Walk for a worthy cause!



We walked near the end of the line this year. It’s quite moving to see the ribbon of people wind in front of you, to hear Maddie’s laughter with her friends, to talk with the family who had joined us that day to Walk.  We ate all kinds of yummy foods provided by local sponsors, played in inflatable climbing/sliding structures, and got our faces painted by Sonshyne of the amazing clown duo, Sonshyne and Jots of Circus Daze.




All in all, the generosity of folks giving to Maddie’s Mission to find a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes, totaled over $800! We cannot thank you enough. But this figure was added to all the others raising money for the cause, which reached a staggering  $378,607.26 and is still climbing as other donations come in. Thank you, thank you for your gracious giving to help find a cure for this disease!! As I walked, I thought of each and every one of who had donated money to Maddie’s Mission.



And now….for the winner of a free Genevieve and the Kite! Actually, Maddie and I decided, that because we had so many donate, we should offer another prize. So one person’s name was drawn to receive the book, and another person’s name was drawn to receive a set of the new Kite cards! Here are the winners:

Sandra Torguson: Genevieve and the Kite

Ellen and Steve:  one pack of “Kite” cards

Thank you to ALL who gave and walked with us! It could not have been a more perfect day!

P.S. The above drawing was made from the photograph you see here. You all know how much love line drawings….for many reasons, but a major one is how it so beautifully depicts the connection between these sweet friends of Maddie’s.  Though her friends do not have Type 1 Diabetes, they support and care for her in so many lovely ways. This day was just one of the ways that her friends stand and walk with Maddie, supporting her along her path. Thank you Aida, Sigourney, Kaitlyn, Zoe, and Kaley!! Thank you also to the whole Mueller family for walking with us!! Your presence there made the day all the more special to us!

A Desk Saga–Part Two


Part Two

Dear God,

What does it meeaaannn???? This desk of mine!? Does it mean that I’m  a sluggard who never clears off her desk? Does it mean that I am so scatter brained I can’t keep up with one thing and another? Does it mean that I have so many things going on in my life AND creatively, that I can’t keep it sorted and organized? Does it mean that I have creative ADD in hyper mode?  Does it mean that I am doomed to a life of things hovering around that I WANT to make? plus things I HAVE MADE? plus things I am in the PROCESS of making? Does it mean I can’t let go of stuff? Does it mean I’m incapable of working on ONE THING AT A TIME?  Does it mean I’m a hoarder? Does it mean, as the saying goes, that I have a cluttered mind?  I mean really, W.H.A.T.   I. S.   T.H.I.S….?????

Would really love to know,


to be continued…

Before Genevieve…


…there was Genevieve! That’s confusing I know. But before I was drawing Genevieve, the name of my dress form was/is Genevieve. And so, I dress Genevieve, as if she was a big doll, with the latest knit or crochet creation. She makes a great model, don’t you think? Here are a couple of other drawings of Genevieve I’ve made. The above was drawn recently, as she was modeling the Pink Scarf which is in the Shoppe.


Here she is modeling Dreamy Poncho.


And here without any knit or crochet wear.


Here she’s modeling Everything But the Kitchen Sink Bag.


A line drawing of her with a summery shirt. The skirt she wears I made a few years ago.


And finally, here she’s wearing another poncho I knitted.

P.S. Did you know…??? Genevieve is the french equivalent for Jennifer! 🙂

A Christmas Line


A Christmas Line

If you followed a line from the angel on your tree
All the way down to where presents should be

Would you revisit  memories of the years gone by
Curling ‘round ornaments with a twinkle in your eye?

Would you find yourself there when your babies were born?
When they made preschool ornaments, now shabby and torn?

Would you see faces of friends who  made or gave one to you?
Would you relive your childhood, tracing baubles from then too?

And as your line meandered through santas and stars,
Penguins and trees, toy trains and cars…

Would you find ‘neath your tree more gifts than you could count?
Dazzled by the ache as your memories mount?

Your line would’ve found, from the angel to the earth
A trove of presents that fill you with mirth.

Though the tree will soon fill with wrapped boxes underneath
They can never surpass what I’ve already received.


December 13, 2012

*I created the drawing in ONE LINE. Perhaps you can see the beginning of it up by the angel’s hair and follow it to the tree-skirt end. Sometimes I drew over and through things, sometimes I retraced my steps back to where I needed to go.  But one line it is, and only a splash of color.

**If you’d like to read more of my poetry from around Christmastime, click here. This is page 2 of the Poetry Category that you can always access from the category section in the right hand margin. Just  keep scrolling ’til you get to the section from last December.

***Also, I have a couple of poet friends who are marking their December days with a line of their own.  If you enjoy poetry, find Alice’s here, and Kevin’s here.

Dropping Down


This moment, right here,

is where i need to be.

Drinking in the lines & curves of the NOW life

which is SO unassuming,

SO simple,

perhaps not even note-worthy.

And yet…in drawing,

i find worth and value

in just BEING.

BEING still,

being focused on here

and not on there.

This dropping-down

of the straw-pen

into the milkshake of my life

is like placing the needle

of the record-player

onto the vinyl disc:

i begin to hear the music…

softly at first…

then stronger as the needle traces the lines

round and round my life


right now,

in THIS moment.


from my daily writing journal. 11.11.2012

A Line for Maddie

Friends of ours who went to live overseas, said to those of us sending them off, that we were the ones holding the line on the other end for them.  I loved that thought! And, as an artist, the idea that I hold one end of the drawn line as they “draw” the lines of their journey, fascinates, inspires, and touches me deeply.

This is what I envisioned this past Saturday, as we Walked for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes with our daughter Maddie.  ALL of these people, the long ribbon of folks ahead of and behind us, hold the line for her and for every Type 1 child and adult who lives with this disease. We were ALL connected that day.  All of us joined together by one single line… a HOPE for a cure for juvenile diabetes.

I thought how, for me, this line begins with my daughter and connects to me, my husband (the one carrying the young girls’ jackets:), Maddie’s cousin Zoe, our friend Anna, and all of you!  You who have sent donations (over $500!) and well-wishes and cheers of support for our girl.

Thank you for holding the line for my Maddie! Randy and I are deeply grateful to all of you! Merci.

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Blankets & A Process

Forgive the dreadful photos (especially this one)…I was drawing/painting in the wee hours of the morning (have no idea why I’m up so early these days:( ) and taking photos at that time is  near impossible, but there it is.

The blankets are out in full force around our house and in use! Perhaps for you too.  Most of our blankets I’ve crocheted at one time or another. My favorite is this big, huge granny square blanket made with lots of leftover yarns.  To see a couple of other drawings of this blanket, click here and here.  Should you be a crocheter and want to make this blanket, click here! It’s one of  my FREE PATTERNS available to you!

So I thought I’d show you a drawing in process where I’ve made use of a page that I began for another drawing (see this Knitting Brown drawing). I drew the knitting needle and decided to abandon ship and start over.  Why? I don’t know. Hm.

Anyway, I started a continuous line drawing on the abandoned page.  Continuous line is lovely for early morning drawing: restful, thoughtful, meditative. It should be noted that I have several continuous lines on the page. I typically take a line as far as I feel it can go. Then pick up my trusty Bic pen and begin somewhere else. I just love that way of drawing.  It frees me from feeling I have to have everything “correct” or have to have every detail. The witchy looking thumb was weird…but oh well, not gonna stress about it…let it go!

Then I splashed on some watercolor.  When I have lines on a page, no matter how wonky looking, I tend to be very loose and free with the paint.  Choice of colors is aligned with similarity to the local colors around me. For instance, the chair I sit in to think, write, draw each morning, is burgundy.  It has a matching twin.  The closest color on my palette to “burgundy” is quinacridone magenta, a favorite delicious color which is much more exciting than burgundy.  I have a yellow pillow in the same fabric as the hassock, but they aren’t quite so bold a yellow as I used here: cad yellow is way more vibrant and fun! So this is how I “think” when I paint.  I do not attempt exact colors of my surroundings.  I let my surroundings guide me, but pick what is close but perhaps more jazzy. 🙂

Another note about color:  I’m always thinking about connections…between colors of each of the “things” in my drawing.  I love looking for the echoes of burgundy in the blanket, the hints of green in the blinds, the blues showing up in shadows of the burgundy chair.  Making color notes in your drawing this way allows it to be cohesive and a whole unit. That’s also why I love splattering…splatters of colors from the blanket over the chair area allows them to be connected to each other.  I love connections…in BOTH continuous lines AND in color!!

*I also went back into the drawing with my Bic pen to add the tip of the Bic pen.  Sometimes continuous line doesn’t allow some necessary details you may want added in later. Tee Hee!

I wanted to add oil pastels to this.  Just a bit of the juicy dark colors, especially in the blanket since oil pastel has a natural textured look which mimics the look of yarns.  Defined the cropped out area too, as this was my first focus in the drawing.  It kept spilling outside the borders of this drawn rectangle.  I don’t mind these things…I just go along with Pen wherever he goes. Oh, and the oil pastel over the cropped box, helped the witchy thumb look less, well, witchy. 🙂

In the end, I decided to go back into the drawing with Bic pen to add a few of the lines on my sketchbook page.  And by this time, the light is a bit better in the house for taking a photo and I think you’re getting a better look at the color.

So, draw up a chair,  a blanket too, and sketch what you see.  Splash on some color.  Add a few accents. Redefine what you need.

It’s all good, in the land of sketchbooks.

Following My Life

A dreadful photo of this! Early morning photography is next to impossible around my house.

For more on following your Life in contours…check out this post!

So many times, I wish I was like Harold, dragging my purple crayon around behind me, drawing every step of the way! I’m off in lots of directions this weekend: Ciener Botanical Gardens, Dixie Classic Fair, Wingate University, Lincolnton NC.  Purple crayon and sketchbook going with me for sure!

Extra-Ordinary Lines

The thing that’s so captivating about lines is that they have the power to transform the most ordinary of subjects, into something truly extraordinary!

Color has this power as well.  But there’s something mesmerizing about following the contours of a clematis vine growing up a mailbox that seems to alter what’s before me into a lovely abstraction.  At first glance, you might not readily see what the lines are describing.  But then it shows up, and you can see the mailbox, the flowers, the number one at the top of the post.

Line has a language all its own…simple, direct, succinct.  It reminds me of Julia Child and reduction sauces…a simmered down substance whose flavor is powerful, yet hangs on a very ordinary thing…a sauce.  How did I get to sauces and Julia Child? Oh me.  You never know where a “line” will take you…:)

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