Whew! That was a close one! We nearly had a shipping disaster on our hands!  But never fear, Genevieve has remedied the situation! I do hope the OLD shipping prices on the newly opened Drawn2Shoppe haven’t driven any of you away!

The first order came through (yay!) for multiple Genevieve items, and when all was calculated, the shipping cost was going to be $18+ dollars for it all!  Yikes!

Thankfully, the customer kindly emailed me to say, “is this right?” Certainly not!  The problem was how I interpreted Etsy’s wording on how much to charge for multiple purchases.  I had carefully calculated all possibilities at my local Post Office, coming up with just the right amount for someone who purchased only one set of cards, or one print, two sets of cards, two prints, a print and a set of cards, etc.  So I put these amounts in.  Well, that was NOT how Etsy calculates the shipping amounts.  Now that I understand how it all works, my first customer is only paying $4.75 (as opposed to $18+).  Here’s how all her goodies look ready to be packaged in its sturdy envelope:

***Please remember that you have until this Friday, June 24th to enter your name in the drawing for two FREE Genevieve items.  Click here to see which two are being given away.  Just leave a comment here or on FB, retweet this or email friends and your name will be entered. Thank you to ALL who have tweeted, facebooked, emailed and phoned friends about Genevieve and her new Etsy Shoppe.  I so appreciate it! You are all just terrific!


NOW OPEN!  Drawn2Shoppe!

Your boutique for all things Genevieve!

Cards & Prints

created by Jennifer Edwards


Some time ago, I posted here about a childhood dream I had of jumping off a balcony and sprouting wings…

This blog and Etsy shop is just one of the ways I’m flying these days!  So glad to offer you prints & cards of Genevieve for you to enjoy!

In celebration of Opening Day, Genevieve is offering TWO giveaways!  Yes, you heard that right, TWO giveaways to two lucky people who post a comment here on this blog or on Facebook.  The first giveaway is a 5 x 7 print of “Balancing Life”.  Here’s what it looks like:

The second giveaway is a set of cards with  “Happy Day” and “Sun Shines for Thee”.  Here’s what these cards look like, packaged and all! Please note the “To:    From:   ” section on the back of the topper.  Each set of cards comes ready to be given as a gift, if you like.

BUT!  There is a catch!  Not a difficult one, though.  I’d like for you to let as many people as you can, know about Genevieve and her new shop.  You could re-post my Facebook post to all your FB friends.  Or you could re-tweet my tweet.  Or email your friends and family.  Use whatever social media or mail you’d like.  Genevieve would be so grateful for your support in helping her advertise the opening of her new shop!  Then leave your name in the comment section saying how you were able to tell others.  Your name will be entered in the hat for BOTH drawings!!

**BE SURE to tell any knitters & crocheters you know, about the prints and set of cards featuring Genevieve knitting & crocheting! Click here to see them in the shop!

I will draw two names NEXT FRIDAY, June 24th.  So check back to see if you’ve won!

A very huge Thank You to all who have encouraged me in this venture!