Drawings Beget Drawings

Perhaps it’s a law of Physics...but it is a reality I’ve noticed time and time again, that when you set your pen to paper and make a drawing, three others are begging to be drawn! You draw the tree and in doing so you notice daffodils are blooming a full month early! And one must, … Continue reading Drawings Beget Drawings

I Wish…

I wish I could paint or stitch for you the warm light streaming in our home this morning. Coming downstairs is often an awakening experience as we receive such lovely light through the eastern side of our windowed home. It was glowing through the shades, an autumn sunlight, warm and golden and a touch muted … Continue reading I Wish…

Morning Chatter

I step out the door into a lively conversation already underway. The woodpecker is holding forth, rapping his message, the morning dove coos, the cardinal trills and a congregation adds their own embellished agreements or rebellious agitation. Even the geese, returning from a winter's sojourn, join in the boisterous banter. I stand in awe for … Continue reading Morning Chatter

When Magic Happens

It happens at various times along the way. Magic that is. Years ago, when I first swiped watercolor on a white page...I drew in my breath and held it as I watched the color move on the paper, blend with other colors. Something special was happening that was just for me. The magic of watercolor … Continue reading When Magic Happens

Fascination & Play

I am fascinated by many things. Nature, faces, shapes of objects, fibers, color, line, stitches, light...on and on to where I'm fairly dizzy with delight. This fascination is surely the heart of an artist's life. Being an artist has less to do with raw talent and more with being fascinated by something and granting oneself … Continue reading Fascination & Play


I am realizing anew that there's a time for every season under heaven. (photography courtesy of Hazel Kuehn Photography) There's a time for celebrating. And a time for grieving the passing of an era. There's a time for illness. And a time for healing. There's a time for making marks. And a time for white … Continue reading Time

What I Need

en·chant inˈCHant,enˈCHant/ verb (1)fill (someone) with great delight; charm. synonyms: captivate, charm, delight, enrapture, entrance, enthrall, beguile, bewitch, spellbind, fascinate, hypnotize, mesmerize, rivet, grip, transfix... (2)put (someone or something) under a spell. I find myself all too often under an enchantment I do not like. The realization of it comes after many days of living … Continue reading What I Need

The In-Between

In the quiet of early morn, my mind flits...like a hummingbird darting from one flower to another, not staying long enough to really drink much in or resolve a thought. This is how I know I'm feeling better. In the early days home from surgery, there's a single-minded response to pain. All energy goes to … Continue reading The In-Between

Michelle’s Challenge: “Go Big!”

One of the artists whose work I admire on the One Drawing A Day blog, Michelle Bedigian, posed a challenge over a week ago. She recounted that one of her former teachers had challenged her to "Go Big" when she went out to sketch on site. This was to shake things up a bit and … Continue reading Michelle’s Challenge: “Go Big!”

Restrictions: A Key to Artful Living

The above painting was made last Friday at the Ciener Botanical Gardensher in my town. I decided to place a restriction on myself and only use oil pastel and watercolor. It can be a lot of fun imposing a limit on your creative utensils. It works like a guide or a path marked out for … Continue reading Restrictions: A Key to Artful Living