A Week of Blind Sight

“Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.” ~ Paul Klee Seven days. One week. The length of a nice vacation or a hike on the Appalachian Trail. Each and every day of creating marks on 10" x 10" Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, felt like a blind endeavor. I am not trained … Continue reading A Week of Blind Sight

Morning Chatter

I step out the door into a lively conversation already underway. The woodpecker is holding forth, rapping his message, the morning dove coos, the cardinal trills and a congregation adds their own embellished agreements or rebellious agitation. Even the geese, returning from a winter's sojourn, join in the boisterous banter. I stand in awe for … Continue reading Morning Chatter

Whoa and Wow

2018. Wow. Am I just now realizing the magnitude of this? Nearly two and a half months into it, this number, a big one, it tells where I am, how far along I've come since 1965. This year, this 2018, I will be 53 and will celebrate 30 years married and will see my children … Continue reading Whoa and Wow


"Oh I can waste a minute or two or hundreds... that's not a problem for me," she says with ease. Not a confession. Just a statement of truth. I envy her this. For I cannot dawdle. Nope. Not for long anyway. I sit to stare out this window to dream and gaze and wonder... and … Continue reading Dawdle

Too Much

If you peeled your eyes away to give them a break to rest from so much seeing to see what might be discovered in reality... If you pulled your nose back from the glass and stone from the screen and window to inhale something new, or just stop breathing the fumes... If you covered your … Continue reading Too Much

Sketchbook Chat #5: Ordinary Drawings from an Ordinary Life

It is my desire to resume my Sketchbook Chats, so I'm picking up where I left off and offering you the fifth one! I was out in my backyard drawing the rhododendron bush that is showing off right by our deck. I had planned to video more outside there, but alas, a neighbor began to … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #5: Ordinary Drawings from an Ordinary Life

The Traffic Can Wait

I sit in a car. A lot. It is not my favorite thing to do. At all. On good days I can lay hold of the fact that all this driving around is actually due to great blessing in my life - *an active, healthy,  involved-in-everything teenager. *lots of classes in neighboring towns guiding women … Continue reading The Traffic Can Wait

The Verge of Chaos

I sat there in front of a photograph on the wall. Straddling a cushioned cube at a local hangout spot, I was drawn to draw him. Ruffly shirt, dark eye peering out of stark value shifts. My own eyes tracing the shapes, the connections between shapes, the value shifts, squinting in order to see better. … Continue reading The Verge of Chaos

Roadside Word Picking

New Year's Eve...I love Eve's. They feel like that timeless space of hovering right before warp speed takes over. The eve of something begs for preparation, anticipation, reflection... a mindfulness about the next day and all that it will usher in. Christmas Eve feels like that, and so does New Year's Eve. The living room … Continue reading Roadside Word Picking

Could It Be?

Could it be, in these small un-arted hours, beauty is wrought? Could it be, in dishes and diapers, laundry and lunches, heaven is laid out? Could it be, in lack and leanness, provision is lavished? Could it be, in faces - not fancies - that fullness is found? Could it be, as I embrace the … Continue reading Could It Be?