My Lollipop Girls & Memory Lane

I'm trying to gather myself after last night's Art Show. It was the culmination of weeks and months of preparation and planning, of vision and hard work.  Though it was an amazing evening, which I'll share with you someday soon, it is always a bit de-centering.  I do still have much left to do to … Continue reading My Lollipop Girls & Memory Lane

Mystery Man

So the point of this rather odd little sketch made completely out of my head, is to ask a question: Who is he? There's this man, who stands on the side of Sedge Garden Rd. near the intersection with Kernersville Rd. He's there every morning when I take Maddie to school. He's there every afternoon … Continue reading Mystery Man

Final Day

 Wishing I could fly my kite all the way home from the beach, I'm enjoying the last full day here. There are so many drawings I've not been able to share with you...perhaps I can create some sort of video montage for you when I get back home. But not before I fly a kite … Continue reading Final Day

Penciled Friends

For some strange reason, I was struck with a desire to draw with a pencil.  It's not my usual thing.  But I enjoyed it here, drawing some friends of ours at a cook-out. I have many pencils...graphite sticks, water-soluble graphite, wood-encased pencils, solid graphite pencils, grease pencils, charcoal pencils, color pencils, etc.  I love breaking … Continue reading Penciled Friends