Weaving Through Lent

For several weeks now I’ve been working diligently toward a rather extensive project. I got the idea to create tapestry weavings through the season of Lent culminating on Easter Sunday. As I voiced the idea to my husband, we came up with a way to work together with another artist in our church to bring this installation of woodburnings, poetry and weavings to life.

On Instagram I’ve been posting snippets and sneak peaks of this “secret project” for many weeks. It has not been so secret to our church family as they have enjoyed seeing a new tapestry, poem and woodburning each week through Lent. This week there have been three, making 9 weavings altogether.  All is revealed in this episode of my Knitterly Arts Podcast. We created artworks based on themes taken from Lent and Passion Week, culminating in 9 woodcarvings, 9 weavings, and 12 sonnets and villanelles.

You are able to view this installation by employing the pause button to read the sonnets, view details in the woodburnings and weavings, as well as read my explanations of where I found inspiration for each tapestry.

It is my sincere hope that this artistic offering will encourage and bring joy this Eastertide, despite my amateur my filming skills. :/


*Woodburnings created by Asher McClain.

*Poetry written by Randy Edwards. To read more of his poetry (and hear him read it as well!) visit backward mutters.com.

*Tapestry Weavings by Jennifer Edwards (yours truly:).

And the music you will hear in the video is composed and played by our son William Edwards. You can find more of his music on Soundcloud.


May you have a beautiful and joy-filled Easter!

Going on Pilgrimage…





Hello friends! I am very excited about my upcoming Pilgrimage which will start the first day of Lent, next Wednesday, February 10th. I’ve actually been doing a good bit of preparation for this commitment. I won’t be flying to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago (which would be totally awesome!) nor will I be hiking the Appalachian Trail (equally awesome!). Rather, I will be incorporating my daily walks, drawing and reflecting on them, into my everyday life. I’ll be sharing what I draw (both in sketches and reflections) from the experience on a newly created blog. Please visit me there and follow the blog to get the daily updates from the road. Better yet, consider how you might join me in going on a drawing Pilgrimage for the duration of Lent, and possibly  beyond that.

I will likely still post here about all things painting and knitting. I have several patterns, both free and for purchase,  that I need to share with you. And I’ve been painting up a storm in commission work. I’m so grateful for this artist’s life I’ve been granted and called to. This Lenten Pilgrimage will be a wonderful way to provide focus and grounding in the Reason behind all I love to do.

Please join me in this new venture! I am forever grateful for your presence here, your faithful following of this pilgrim artist and her creative world!

Artfully yours,