Christmas in the Spinning House

'Tis Christmas in the Spinning House the best time of the year... The bins are filled with fleeces and the workers full of cheer! *** They spin from dawn to dusk as shorter days it be Then 'round a roaring fire books and cocoa at their knees. *** On Christmas Eve they beg her to … Continue reading Christmas in the Spinning House

Marisol & Me

Oh Marisol, Marisol... Your given name says it all- Merry-go-rounds and parisols, Wide-eyed adventures, stories untold. *** Yet hearth and home, heather and loam, They call you back, n’er to roam. Content to spin yarns of shalom And scatter joy here in my home. *** Let us whirl our wool and sparkled light Sipping tea, … Continue reading Marisol & Me

Morning Chatter

I step out the door into a lively conversation already underway. The woodpecker is holding forth, rapping his message, the morning dove coos, the cardinal trills and a congregation adds their own embellished agreements or rebellious agitation. Even the geese, returning from a winter's sojourn, join in the boisterous banter. I stand in awe for … Continue reading Morning Chatter

Whoa and Wow

2018. Wow. Am I just now realizing the magnitude of this? Nearly two and a half months into it, this number, a big one, it tells where I am, how far along I've come since 1965. This year, this 2018, I will be 53 and will celebrate 30 years married and will see my children … Continue reading Whoa and Wow


"Oh I can waste a minute or two or hundreds... that's not a problem for me," she says with ease. Not a confession. Just a statement of truth. I envy her this. For I cannot dawdle. Nope. Not for long anyway. I sit to stare out this window to dream and gaze and wonder... and … Continue reading Dawdle

I Hear It

Wouldn't you like for me to tell you the thing your heart has always wanted to hear? Wouldn't you like to hear those words feel them on your face rumbling in your belly? Wouldn't you want to wake up each morning to those eternal words you're starving to feast upon? *** Out there we can … Continue reading I Hear It

Too Much

If you peeled your eyes away to give them a break to rest from so much seeing to see what might be discovered in reality... If you pulled your nose back from the glass and stone from the screen and window to inhale something new, or just stop breathing the fumes... If you covered your … Continue reading Too Much


Were my life four seasons of twenties I would be in late Fall. Spring and Summer past, so too the brilliance of leaf and coolness. Only a few bright jewels remain quivering on their branches knowing full well they await their last flight of wind before gravity takes hold. From here I can feel the … Continue reading Evergreen

Weaving Through Lent

For several weeks now I've been working diligently toward a rather extensive project. I got the idea to create tapestry weavings through the season of Lent culminating on Easter Sunday. As I voiced the idea to my husband, we came up with a way to work together with another artist in our church to bring … Continue reading Weaving Through Lent

Wind Walking

It's been a while since I've posted any of my poetry. Oh I do have these little rhyming ditties trot through my head now and again. Most of the time I just roll my eyes and go on about my day. But this one "blew through" my head as I woke this morning complete with … Continue reading Wind Walking