New Specs

Change is not easy for me. Not one bit. When it became obvious that my beloved red thin glasses were not helping me to see well either far away or close up, I waited a very long time (about a year) before doing anything about it. I knew that I would have to let go … Continue reading New Specs

Whoa and Wow

2018. Wow. Am I just now realizing the magnitude of this? Nearly two and a half months into it, this number, a big one, it tells where I am, how far along I've come since 1965. This year, this 2018, I will be 53 and will celebrate 30 years married and will see my children … Continue reading Whoa and Wow

The Verge of Chaos

I sat there in front of a photograph on the wall. Straddling a cushioned cube at a local hangout spot, I was drawn to draw him. Ruffly shirt, dark eye peering out of stark value shifts. My own eyes tracing the shapes, the connections between shapes, the value shifts, squinting in order to see better. … Continue reading The Verge of Chaos

Charcoal Love

I'm working through a batch of commission work, some of which is in charcoal. I love working with charcoal, especially portraiture. It is incredibly fun to watch a face emerge out of the ash on the page and to see personality peer back at you through the values. So much fun! I realized I never … Continue reading Charcoal Love

Owls All Around Me

Can you take it? One more drawn "selfie" in a recent knit? I'm not prone to selfies, but if it allows me an opportunity to draw a face and a bit of knitting...well, ok. I received this gorgeous dusty blue Baby Alpaca Grande yarn by Plymouth from my mom for Christmas. I knew just the … Continue reading Owls All Around Me

It’s Christmastime!

Come With Me I have so much to share with thee, my online reader and friend, I think I shall post--'til the day that I toast-- the New Year coming 'round the bend. So here I go a rhyming sharing poems present and past. So we can enjoy the season making merry with mirth 'til … Continue reading It’s Christmastime!

Portrait #22: The Happy Couple

Back in September, my husband officiated the wedding of some sweet friends of ours.  This was perhaps, aside from my own wedding, the loveliest wedding ever! It was held at the beautiful Dewberry Farm here in Kernersville. This portrait is not intended to be a detailed description of the individual faces of the bride and … Continue reading Portrait #22: The Happy Couple

My Delight: Portraits #18-19 & #20-21

It is my delight and honor to be asked to paint a portrait of someone's children.  I can't really describe why...something to do with the privilege of trying to express the personality of the kids coupled with the love the parent has for them.  It seems a tall order.  One that excites and energizes me! … Continue reading My Delight: Portraits #18-19 & #20-21

Portrait #17: Letting Go

Sometimes when we let go we catch a glimpse of our truest selves. -jpe do you like my new WordPress Theme? I needed to let go of the dark background.  At least for now.:)

Mr. Whicker & Maddie: A Diabetes Story

In early December of 2009, Mr. Whicker knocked on our front door.  My parents answered the door, as Randy and I and Maddie were not there.  My parents had come to stay with our two older children since we were at Brenner's Children's Hospital.  My parents told Mr. Whicker where we were and why. Maddie … Continue reading Mr. Whicker & Maddie: A Diabetes Story