Got Scarves?


I love this little drawing I made a few years ago. She’s  a precursor to Genevieve, with her little red shoes and blue coat. She loves yarn and making scarves. She loves wearing them too!

A friend of mine who travels to France a bunch, once told me that French women wear scarves a lot, no matter the season. I tend to be a cold weather scarf wearer. I need to expand my scarf collection to lighter, smaller silk scarves for spring and summer use.

All three of the scarves I’ve knitted and am offering in my Etsy Shoppe, are definitely for cooler temperatures. But it’s never too early to think of what you’ll need come fall, or for gift giving to a special friend. And actually, I may need one of these the next time I go to Harris Teeter…brrrrr, it’s cold in there!

Here are the three…two of my own design, the pink lace one designed by Laura Harding from her book, Knitted Little Luxuries.


This scarf is embellished on both ends AND on both sides! That way, you don’t have a right or wrong side…any way you wear it, something whimsical shows. Click here to see other views of this scarf in the Shoppe.


This scarf is designed by Laura Harding, whose book, Knitted Little Luxuries, is full of lovely lacy knits! The pin can be worn to anchor the scarf, or not. It is made of a luscious cashmere/cotton blend. Again, to see more views of this, click here.


And this scarf is a melange of stitches, fibers, and colors. I loved every minute of knitting this thing…just randomly selecting what I wanted to go next. Click here for other views.

Though none of these are red, I could see any of them on the little girl in the sketch above! Or, on an older girl like me! 🙂