Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

If I climbed up to the tippy-top of a tree, and held out my bucket- Could I catch the sun-drops, and keep them with me... ...then share with others at the base of the tree? -jpe If any creative act, (be it visual, musical, theatrical, written or otherwise), is a definitively spiritual endeavor, then there … Continue reading Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

The Dreaming Tree

I sit beneath the dreaming tree letting heart run wild and free. The path to here is long but sure. For crazy days this is my cure. Lean and long, grow and gaze, Wonder at how beauty plays On dappled thoughts here and there. My tree whispers love and care. -jpe (jennifer pilkington edwards) My … Continue reading The Dreaming Tree

Life Is A Garden

Walking down my favorite lane this morning, my thoughts flitted over the empty wheat field, and landed in the garden area near the end of Silver Dapple Lane.  Mr. Whicker has given this end of his field to his tenants who live in homes on his land.  They have a thriving garden full of corn, … Continue reading Life Is A Garden