Just Cuz

Sometimes you just can't help it! You see something that for whatever reason, catches your eye, tickles your fancy, and you just gotta draw it. But when you're driving, it's best not to whip out the sketchbook then and there, but rather take a quick pic and draw it later. The drawing doesn't capture the … Continue reading Just Cuz

The Call of the Bins

"Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't really work for me. I 'spose for a bit of time after I've packed something away, I don't think about it much. But pretty soon, I start hearing things. You'll doubtless think me crazy, but my studio/sunroom has undergone a few overhauls in content over the last several … Continue reading The Call of the Bins

Tale of a Sheep Gone South

We've had this ornament you see, for many years now. I don't know who gave it to us, nor exactly when. I'm pretty sure some wonderful crafter in South America made this ornament. But somehow, the expression on this "sheep"s face (for truly we don't know what else it might be!) is freaky. It's been … Continue reading Tale of a Sheep Gone South

A Line for Maddie

Friends of ours who went to live overseas, said to those of us sending them off, that we were the ones holding the line on the other end for them.  I loved that thought! And, as an artist, the idea that I hold one end of the drawn line as they "draw" the lines of … Continue reading A Line for Maddie

Weekend Drawcumentation

I had a very full but wonderful weekend! When it looks like there may be little time to breathe between the coming and going, my desire to draw kicks in full throttle.  Maybe it's something to do with a need to slow down somewhere in the midst of it, or to have a touchstone to … Continue reading Weekend Drawcumentation