Draw & Stitch Together through Advent!

I marvel that it is holiday time once again. Somehow the seasons roll 'round more quickly and I know all too well how fast this wonderful season will fly by if I don't take time to drink it in. I'm planning on stitching and drawing with the purpose of slowing myself down a bit, taking time … Continue reading Draw & Stitch Together through Advent!

Dreamy Poncho Revisited

Several years ago I designed this poncho from leftover yarns in my stash. It is one of my favorite things to wear when the temperatures turn cool and is often a conversation starter. Sometime last year I started a second one using all greens and have just recently finished it. While it is still too … Continue reading Dreamy Poncho Revisited

New Knitted Shawl Design*

Pas de Deux Shawl designed by Jennifer Edwards available for purchase on ETSY Designing and knitting a shawl mirrors life in uncanny ways. You begin with an idea, sketched out, roughly drawn and planned. Knitting begins, slowly working out stitch counts, rows, frogging stitches (and rows!) until it takes the shape you were aiming for. … Continue reading New Knitted Shawl Design*

Pointier Points & Other Weighty Matters

I mean, who really cares about whether the points on a knitted washcloth are pointier than previously knitted? I certainly don't care one way or the other...but therein lies the fun of it all! So, I finally finished my Hitchhiker Shawl, and oh what a nail-biting finish that was! Only about 2 1/2 inches of … Continue reading Pointier Points & Other Weighty Matters

Sketch Journal Your Life in Yarn

I have wanted to do this for a long time! Actually, I do it all the time, in separate journals, some for writing, some for drawing. But I have wanted them to be all in one sketchbook, instead of in and around all the other drawings I make on a daily basis. (Cover of newly … Continue reading Sketch Journal Your Life in Yarn

The Invisible Thread

Just a few days prior to this last surgery in December, I re-read The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. I did not realize the significance it would have until several days ago. I won't describe the story in detail here. You would do well to read it yourself and will enjoy doing so! The main … Continue reading The Invisible Thread

Three Loves

In writing, I am led. In drawing, I am drawn to my life. In knitting, I am assured that all will be knitted into a beautiful whole. ******** Three things I love. Three things I seem to need desperately: *to feel led; like a child who is led by her Father's hand. Writing is one … Continue reading Three Loves

Gray Winter Days…

We've been having a lot of these. So gray and cold that even trying to get a decent photo of artwork is quite difficult. This was the best I could do today. I'll reshoot it another day soon! But as I was walking yesterday, I kept thinking this: Gray winter days are best enjoyed with … Continue reading Gray Winter Days…

Artful Friends

I am blessed with quite a few artful friends with whom I enjoy getting together to draw or paint, knit or crochet. The above sketch is of myself and a friend who is also named Jennifer. We both love multiple expressions of creativity, including knitting. Hence the shawls we both had knitted and wore to … Continue reading Artful Friends

This & That

Here are a few things that might tickle your fancy, as they have mine! I have been so surprised and grateful for the response to my latest shawl pattern, Stripes & Ribbons! I'm very excited that so many folks want to knit this shawl! And I can't wait to see their versions of it! I … Continue reading This & That