Roadside Word Picking

New Year's Eve...I love Eve's. They feel like that timeless space of hovering right before warp speed takes over. The eve of something begs for preparation, anticipation, reflection... a mindfulness about the next day and all that it will usher in. Christmas Eve feels like that, and so does New Year's Eve. The living room … Continue reading Roadside Word Picking

*Patsy’s Perfect Tunic: Free Pattern!!

STOP whatever you are doing/making right now and RUN like mad to your stash or your LYS to buy some Super Bulky yarn!! Now! Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200! Well, if someone offers you $200, take it, so you can buy some yarn and make this tunic! That's how I felt when I saw … Continue reading *Patsy’s Perfect Tunic: Free Pattern!!

*New Pattern!

Finally!! I've added a new pattern to my Etsy Shop! It's a sweater and sweater/vest I've been wanting to offer for quite some time. It just takes time to write a pattern properly, with all the information you want to offer so that others can be successful in making it. Appalachian Comfort  A Beginner Sweater (with … Continue reading *New Pattern!