In a most unusual bit of serendipity, I actually DID change sketchbooks as I began this blog. Not intentionally. It just worked out that way. My last sketch in the previous sketchbook happened to be the drawing announcing Knitterly Arts in a sketchbook. Then, as I began to draw on the very first page of a fresh brand-new … Continue reading Mistakes

Operation Sock Drawer

  (Above drawing made at Eclection last Friday. An impromptu "still-life" complete with socks knitted up to the toe. Finished them up later that day.:) Another "under the radar" knitting project, is sock knitting. This flies so far under the radar during busy times that I hardly even know I'm advancing at all. Talk about … Continue reading Operation Sock Drawer

What it Takes

Have you ever wondered how many stitches it takes to knit a sock? Hm. Well. I did. And so I counted. Or rather approximated. For my recently finished knit sock, which has 7" inches above the heel, and fits my size 9 foot, I counted the rows, then multiplied them by the number of stitches … Continue reading What it Takes