The Summer of Weaving

There once was a girl named Jenny Whose interests were varied and many... Crochet and knitting Stitching and spinning Drawing and painting aplenty. *** To choose only one of them filled her with gloom. There must be a way to give all of them room. So lines and colors Fibers and textures She wove all … Continue reading The Summer of Weaving

Spinning My Wheels

I sit at a wheel running hither and yon over miles of asphalt ribbon Some so worn and shredded with potholes my car can scarcely bear the beating. *** Mile after mile, driving me from word to endless words.. I can hardly think, let alone tap into any source of light, joy, meaning. I sit … Continue reading Spinning My Wheels

A Return to Weaving

It was a year ago, just after finishing a series of nine tapestry weavings for Lent through Easter, that I packed up my weaving supplies and had no intention of revisiting them. I remember wondering why this was so. What had begun in January of 2017 as a total and complete love of weaving  (which … Continue reading A Return to Weaving