Endings & Beginnings

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. How some things end and other things begin. How an ending here makes way for a beginning there. Like how my sketchbooks, whose filled final pages give way to a fresh new book in which to pour lines and colors over the coming days and weeks. Like … Continue reading Endings & Beginnings

The Brothers Zucchini

In the vast land of Back Yard, two brothers lived next door to each other through the heat and humidity of Summer. Bubba Zucchini had a goal to produce the biggest and best zucchini ever known, while Jake Zucchini made it his mission to outlast them all. As Autumn encroached on the land, Jake held … Continue reading The Brothers Zucchini

A Lenten Walk

I have now written down the story behind the events of the last few months. I humbly submit it to you dear reader, should you even wish to dive into it. It is a true story of what happened. It is not what came to mind in hindsight. It may seem fantastical or bizarre. But … Continue reading A Lenten Walk