Ebb & Flow


There seems to be an ebb and flow to creating. For weeks, you are knitting something (or several somethings) stitch by stitch. You hop from project to project, keeping it interesting. In my case, I also bounce from drawing to knitting, from painting to crochet, from typing up a new design to making cards and prints for the Shop.


Then you hit a week where several projects get finished! Oh wow! Happy Day! The blanket you’ve been crocheting is suddenly the perfect length. The sweater you’ve been knitting now has all its ends woven in, and the canvases that have been sitting there for a time with lines drawn on them, now have color and paint and they worked out and oh Happy Day!


But then you move on. You begin other projects, one stitch at a time, one line at a time, beginning….again. This can be an exciting time. But it can also lag a bit for me, having enjoyed the excitement of finishing, of completion, of TA-DAH!


The key for me, is not to begin too many new projects at this point. So often, as I’ve been slowly plodding away at the previous batch of creativity, I’ve also been dreaming of the next batch. There are always too many. I have to be selective and choose only a few or else I’ll glut the limited time I have with too many things vying for my attention. Three or four works well. Too many more and I’m a spinning top wobbling in all directions, not knowing which project to tackle next.


Easy does it. Slow going. Tortoise steps. One thing at at time. One stitch at a time. Being present to the line, splash, or row I’m on. Leaving the next rows and strokes for a later moment.


Draw breath. Draw life. Stitch with focus and flow.

LIVE your creative life!

Knitterly Sketch Journal Pages


I’m gonna try to catch you up on my yarny travels of late by way of my sketch journal devoted solely to the items I’ve finished knitting or crocheting.

FINISHED is the key word here. A fiber project I’m working on does not get to be drawn into the journal until it is ALL DONE! Seams made, ends woven in, blocked if needed.


This final step is like the icing on the cupcake for me. I love to draw. I love to knit and crochet. So to draw what I’ve knitted or crocheted is an extra boon!

Anna'sBooties Here’s a pic of the sweet little booties I crocheted for a friend who is expecting her first child.


And this is the page for Patsy’s Perfect Tunic, which I hope you are ALL knitting one of these for yourself (FREE Pattern!) before the cold weather leaves!!!


Of course, the Everlasting Gobstopper Blanket…it continues to heal and warm and make cosy all who wrap up in it.


And the Wild Hare Tunic I knitted last week when the first snow “storm” hit our area. I now have another project begun from this week’s snow storm (actually gave us 7″ of snow instead of 1″). I’ll share it with you another day! 🙂


I’ve since finished Rhubarb Blanket and a pair of socks, but they haven’t yet been journaled. Can’t wait to do that!


Feel free to click on the images to see them larger on your screen.


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*New Pattern!


Finally!! I’ve added a new pattern to my Etsy Shop! It’s a sweater and sweater/vest I’ve been wanting to offer for quite some time. It just takes time to write a pattern properly, with all the information you want to offer so that others can be successful in making it.

Appalachian Comfort  A Beginner Sweater (with Sweater Vest option)


This pattern is perfect for beginning knitters!! Pass it along to any you may know, beginners or otherwise, who would like a simple project for fall comfort. It can be for any season, depending on the type of yarn you choose. I’m wanting to knit my next one in a yummy Noro yarn.

Here are some things you might like to know:

What You Need:

Bulky Weight Yarn :
For Size Small: 550 yds. Medium: 650 yds. Size Large: 850 yds.
(Shown in pic: Patagonia’s Araucania cotton, 105 yds. each)
Other suggestions: Noro Obi, Kama, Iro, Kogarashi, Plymouth Yarn Gina Chunky, Araucania “Tolten”.
Size 10, round or straight needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Interlocking Stitch Markers
Yarn Needle

*Instructions are written for sizes small, medium and large!


The simplicity of this pattern makes it terrific for an on-the-go project where you don’t have complex charts and stitch patterns to follow. Yet I’ve written the pattern in such a way as to allow you to make it your own by adding various stitch patterns and securing the front in multiple ways.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of yarny goodness!

From Vision to Reality


From this sketch of an idea before starting to knit…


To the final version in reality!


Husband took these photos on a blustery day at the top of our neighborhood, in front of Mr. Whicker’s farm.


Being silly ’cause I love my new sweater very much!


Here are some up close photos in not so good lighting. 🙁


As the sweater evolved, I felt it needed a band at the bottom to lengthen it. Seed Stitch at the bottom kept the edge from rolling AND seemed the perfect stitch for a flower sweater.

I LOVED doing the embroidered lettering!


The stems and leaves made ME laugh!

I had to keep trying on the sweater to see how it draped and thus how the stems should flow. 🙂


And of course, I had to take Brown Sweater’s photo on Genevieve, the name of my dress form. I’ve had my dress form a bit longer than illustrated Genevieve has been with me. I must like that name, a little bit.

**Do you see how I “wrote” Emerson as the stem of the last flower?

That little flower is also the period at the end of the quote,

“The  earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


This will be the perfect thing to wear to the Art Show at my school this Thursday.

It’s going to be a grand evening!

Knitting Evolution


When one embarks upon a knitting or crochet project, it undergoes an evolution of sorts. From the cast on row through to the binding off, any assembly or embellishment, it. i.s evolving. Brown sweater is especially so!


It began with a fairly simple original design (which I have not typed up in pattern form…yet!) and a vision in my head of what it would become. Lots of embellishing! Then as I blocked it, and began adding the floral flourishes, I was seeing it in a different way. And now it is evolving even more!


I think I’m seeing what it might actually be one day soon. But it may evolve yet again, I don’t know. I’m just along for the ride, responding to each phase of development.


Thanks for coming along for the ride with me! Enjoy these peeks into Brown Sweater’s evolution! Some day soon, I hope to have an exciting reveal!


Fits & Starts


So…speaking of yarn that calls to me

One of the put-away-a-year-ago projects I had half finished, was this sumptuous red yarn, Rowan’s Ribbon Twist, that I was knitting into a button-up sweater with the most fun floofy yarn to trim the collar and wrists.  It boggles my mind why I don’t finish some things.  This yarn had actually been given to me by my dear mom months prior to LAST Christmas, when I finally began working on it.

I pulled it out this year and I only had the sleeves and collar left to knit! I had knitted up beyond the white floofy stuff on one sleeve…. was I overwhelmed by the thought of this stuff? Did I lose interest? Really….what is it that stops a perfectly beautiful, and not so difficult pattern, dead in its tracks?


I’ll never know, but I did manage to finish it this year, determined to do so by Christmas! Feeling a bit like Mrs. Claus in this sweater, it was a treat to wear and I’m looking for other opportunities to wear it again! Valentines will be perfect too, don’t you think? But surely I’ll wear it several times between now and then.

A Testament to Love


December 11, 1987 (25 years ago!) my boyfriend proposed to me! After watching White Christmas together (and me wondering why his hands were so sweaty) he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  After a yes! and some tears and kisses, I pulled out a wrapped package and gave him this sweater.


We had both just finished our student teaching in different towns.  I had been knitting this the whole semester, pining for him.  I was in Asheville, NC and he was in Lincolnton, NC.  It was really the first big undertaking of knitting I had ever tried.  I do think I wore out the little ladies at the Yarn Shop in Biltmore Village where I purchased the yarn and pattern.  I kept popping in with questions about the pattern and the cabling.  I had knitted as a young girl, but nothing anywhere close to this!


I even cross stitched a small label in the collar that reads, “HANDMADE with <heart> by JENNIFER”.  He wore it for years.  Then it got retired for a while, and just recently he pulled it out again, wearing it around the house on cold days.  I couldn’t believe how good it looked after all these years (him too!;).  Must be a fine wool! Not too bad on the pilling.  It seems to have shrunk a bit in the length. But it looks great on him…all professor-like…a look I just adore on my husband.

It’s amazing to have a tangible testament to love…love for him and love for knitting.