FREE Stripedy Mini-Tree Skirt Pattern!


FREE PATTERN!! For all my crochet friends out there…you’ll have this one worked up in no time at all! Bring a bit of festive stripedy goodness to your tiny trees in your home.


Use up your stash to create a random striping in all sorts of colors and textures. Or simply choose two or three colors to stripe in a specific pattern. Of course, you can choose to make this just one color…but why not have a bit of fun with all those lovely leftovers you have lying around!

My pattern gives you all the details you need to crochet this. Plus, as always, the Variations on a Theme section helps you to think of all the many possibilities there are in just this ONE pattern. And it’s FREE! so why not?

Have fun!  Click here to download this pattern, and here too for PAGE 3!!  OR go to my FREE PATTERNS! page at the top of my blog to access the pattern.