Weaving Through Lent

For several weeks now I've been working diligently toward a rather extensive project. I got the idea to create tapestry weavings through the season of Lent culminating on Easter Sunday. As I voiced the idea to my husband, we came up with a way to work together with another artist in our church to bring … Continue reading Weaving Through Lent

Sketchbook Chat #3

I'm getting a bit better! This one is under 15 minutes! Woo! Hoo! In this Sketchbook Chat I share a demonstration of adding watercolor to a drawing of a privacy fence. What I aim for in these videos is not to teach you exactly how to hold the brush or apply the paint, but ways … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #3

Sketchbook Chat #2

FINALLY!! The second Sketchbook Chat is now up on You Tube for you to enjoy! Sketchbook Chat #2 Here are some links of a couple of things I mention in this chat: Danny Gregory's website A Pilgrim's Draw Camino Bakery Thank you again for spending your time with me in these little video-blogs! I truly am … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #2