Going on Pilgrimage…

      Hello friends! I am very excited about my upcoming Pilgrimage which will start the first day of Lent, next Wednesday, February 10th. I've actually been doing a good bit of preparation for this commitment. I won't be flying to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago (which would be totally awesome!) nor will … Continue reading Going on Pilgrimage…

Dandelion Tune

I get a tune stuck in my head from time to time. Actually, it happens fairly often. It's not a lovely tune. It isn't melodious at all. It's yucky, gripey, resentful, and angry sounding. I don't like this tune. But every time I'm trying to accomplish something creatively and regular living ramps up a notch, … Continue reading Dandelion Tune

Walk Together

Life should be lived walking through it together. Burdens are best carried arm in arm with friends. Joy breaks forth when many feet move in a common direction. Love is felt when others choose to walk alongside us. Yes. Yes. and Yes. All of this, and so much more, I experience when we Walk for a Cure … Continue reading Walk Together

The Good Dose of Reality

I received a text from my youngest daughter Maddie when she was at school on Thursday morning.  Sitting at the computer, I was marveling at all the "likes" and "congrats" and purchases for my children's book, Genevieve and the Kite. It felt like my kite was flying high in the breeze and I was along … Continue reading The Good Dose of Reality

A Lenten Walk

I have now written down the story behind the events of the last few months. I humbly submit it to you dear reader, should you even wish to dive into it. It is a true story of what happened. It is not what came to mind in hindsight. It may seem fantastical or bizarre. But … Continue reading A Lenten Walk