Ways of Walking

As I walk in my neighborhood, and observe others who walk, I've noticed there are at least four different postures people have when they walk. I know there are more, but these four seem to be the majority. There are those who sit slightly back on their heels. The torso is straight but their center … Continue reading Ways of Walking

Woolly Worm Considerations

**From my recently published book of rhyming words, Words On A Line. Woolly Predictions As Autumn began to fall in these parts Across my path a woolly albino darts. Or rather chugs across where my feet will fall Announcing in fur a mild winter for all. But lo, as I walk through Autumn’s blaze, I … Continue reading Woolly Worm Considerations

Searching & Finding

Day 1 at the beach: In less than half an hour of being out on the shore, I chance to look down and see a sea stone...beautifully rounded and smoothed by sand and water. This sets me on a course to find and collect more sea stones and sea glass thru the week.Day 2: Bent … Continue reading Searching & Finding

Morning Walks

If and When   If I went out a ‘walking for the whole live-long day Would it be enough to deal with the stuff that in my heart holds sway? Would it calm the storm of worry and fear, The jumble that rumbles within? Would it shore up and strengthen the places that are wearing … Continue reading Morning Walks