Just Cuz


Sometimes you just can’t help it! You see something that for whatever reason, catches your eye, tickles your fancy, and you just gotta draw it. But when you’re driving, it’s best not to whip out the sketchbook then and there, but rather take a quick pic and draw it later.

The drawing doesn’t capture the way the center brush twirled and whirled in the breeze as the truck drove through town. Nor did I allow enough space for the broom on the right of the pitchfork. A broom! I may have to re-draw it to include this vital item in the whimsy of it all.

And sometimes you just gotta use your chunky marker and finer Sharpie…oh how I love that combination! Five minutes it took to sketch this out.

Gotta go make some more drawings of the fun stuff I’ve seen lately. How about you?