It’s that moment just before it all happens. That moment much like when the Millennium Falcon prepares to bolt into warp speed. It’s that space where the lines are all squiggly just before they pixelate into a zillion dots and we are propelled into something new, something different.

It is Christmas Eve and most, if not all, is ready. So much planning, preparing, buying, making, wrapping, decorating, baking, partying, festiving, musicing, working, movie-watching, event-attending…it’s enough to make even the most stout-hearted a bit dizzy. I always land on the other side of it all wondering what just happened, looking around at what seems like new terrain, indeed a New Year ahead of me.


Before this all goes down, everything in me wants to holler “WAIT!” I want time to take a deep breath and look around, taking stock of all that is around me. I might be bringing all this with me. Then again, I might not.

I’d like to create a space, even if it is only for five minutes or ten, where I linger at the manger. I imagine it would be quiet here, with the exception of some animals snuffling and occasional bleating. Others are here too, talking in hushed tones because of the sleeping babe, the wonder at hand, the beauty under foot. We have all come here from our various work and worlds. Everyone is welcome here…from shepherds to kings, and everyone in-between.


As for me, I’ve put down my paintbrush and knitting needles. Just so I can have a long peek, a full-attention gaze at the marvel of why all this craziness has been happening anyway. On the other side of warp speed I know I’ll pick them up again and paint the beauty I saw and knit the memories into my heart. For now though…I’m here in this humble yet holy place. I want to drink in this fleeting moment of quiet and wonder. I’d actually like to take it with me wherever it is I land on the other side of hyperspace.

Into all the travel and the eating, all the gift giving and receiving, all the family and the fun, all the tension and the tease of celebrating something we’ve warped out of recognition…I’d like to take this bit of wonder. I’d like to bring with me the liquid light of a baby whose life rearranges mine. I’d like to haul the star along with me to guide my way onward. I’d like to kneel in everything I do from this point onward.Just let me linger a bit more here, drinking it in, inhaling all the earthy magic of divinity in hay.


I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

See you on the other side of warp speed!


Just Wonderin’…

…what’s up ahead…

I’m strangely wordless as I face a New Year rolling in. 2012 was a beautiful year, for many reasons both creatively and personally. I’ll detail some of that in an upcoming post. But I feel a sweet hush around me as I contemplate a new year ahead. The possibilities. The unexpected. The dreams. The hopes. Even the fears are all a part of my reverie. No resolutions. Only to keep on looking around me with my eyes peeled for Beauty, both evident and not-so-evident. I sit with some yarn in my hands. I have desires to put more of my designs out there for others to knit and crochet. If you’d like to peek at my knitting blog, or follow me over there, please do! But these things always morph and change with the seasons. I’ll go where inspiration takes me, drawing it along the way.

Thank you. Thank you so very much for visiting here. For checking in on the crazy things that run in my head and down through my arms to pens, paints, paper and yarn. You just don’t know how I appreciate your presence here. May 2013 bring you beautiful days to draw and paint and create!!

The Beauty of Line & Watercolor

A couple of days ago, Maddie and I sat out in our backyard, in the cool morning, to draw.  I had several sketchbooks (as I do when using watercolor, so that I can move on to another drawing while one is drying), pens, watercolors; and she had her big sketchbook, pencil, and markers.  When she is finished with her drawing, I’ll show it to you…so wonderful!

Lately I’ve been captivated (once again) by watercolor and all its oozly, wazzly goodness.  I’m enjoying making images with ONLY watercolor. No line. Just washes and a few calligraphic strokes here and there.  But the line & watercolor version stands out to me today. I was thinking about why as I went on my morning walk. I know you won’t be surprised at where my thoughts went:

When I draw first and then add watercolor, I am free to splash the color around any way I’d like: outside the lines, splashy, sloppy, or as minimalistic as I want.  It’s as if the lines are a foundation, a structure, a scaffolding on which the watery colors can hang or stand upon.  Without the line structure, watercolor needs to maintain that structure itself, even if it has a free look about it.

This seems a lovely picture of our lives…when we have a solid foundation, a good structure or scaffolding for our minds & hearts, we have much greater freedom to swoosh, splash, or hold back as we like.  There’s a sense of rootedness.  A feeling that we’re anchored in some way and that anchoring allows us to fly around in dreams.  This image comes to my mind here as well.

So I thought I’d share it with you, dear reader.  It is always my hope that your art will speak volumes to you about life and living.  That it will give you more and more inspiration for living your life fully!

I’ll still be swooshing watercolors around without lines…I wonder if they’re invisible on my paper as I paint.  Hmmm…something else to think about!!

Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #4

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you!

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Jennifer Edwards

A Bird’s Nest

What is it about Bird’s Nests that we are so attracted to them?  They’re all over the web, on book covers, as jewelry, as decorations, on cards, in paintings, etc.  What is the “draw”?:)

Does it have something to do with the brown mess of twigs and sticks, mud and leaves, tenderly assembled into a home?

Is it the wonder of these little creatures so diligently crafting their home to house and hold their little-ones-to-be?

Is it the pretty, soft-colored eggs that lie there in expectant waiting?

Does it represent hope? new life? spring? future joy?

Perhaps it is all this and more. Perhaps it’s the perfect picture of an exquisite everyday exclamation! A monumental mundane!  A typically UN-noticed and hidden jewel perched precariously in a tree, exposed to wind and weather, yet enduring.

When we peer into a Bird’s Nest, do we see ourselves? our lives? our life’s work?

I don’t know.  All I know is that I love to draw them. Love to knit them. Love to crochet them. Somehow they speak to me of Spring. Of Hope. Of Life.

P.S. To crochet this bird and its nest, click here for my pattern to purchase.  To knit the nest and eggs in the middle photo, click here for the free pattern from Purl Bee.

Baby Step #2: Wonder!

A new print for my Etsy Shop!  This one is titled, Wonder in the Weeds. You can read the posting that went along with it HERE. The watercolor painting was created eight months ago and since then I’ve been humbled to hear of how this little image has encouraged many of you.  Life certainly has a way of feeling like the weeds are crowding out the beauty.  But a little bit of searching, sometimes on our hands and knees, can reveal wonders untold even in the midst of the overgrown weeds.

The date of this little sketch of Genevieve in my writing journal is April 3rd of last year…Creatively speaking, I was feeling way overwhelmed with the overgrown weeds at the time.  Life seemed to be choking out a lot of the ideas I was dying to get out, so many of them Genevieve related.  I began to take some baby steps even then, which resulted in the opening of my Etsy Shop.

Each little baby step I take is like a little seed gently planted out in the world.  These seeds take root and begin growing immediately, even if it is only in my heart, giving me cheer.  But it is my hope that it will bring cheer to others as well.  I’m learning a lot about this practice of taking Baby Steps…it really is good medicine!  Thank you all so much for joining me and receiving these little steps as I go along.

Thought for the Day:  Baby Steps Make Glad Heart

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