It's that moment just before it all happens. That moment much like when the Millennium Falcon prepares to bolt into warp speed. It's that space where the lines are all squiggly just before they pixelate into a zillion dots and we are propelled into something new, something different. It is Christmas Eve and most, if … Continue reading WAIT!!

Just Wonderin’…

...what's up ahead... I'm strangely wordless as I face a New Year rolling in. 2012 was a beautiful year, for many reasons both creatively and personally. I'll detail some of that in an upcoming post. But I feel a sweet hush around me as I contemplate a new year ahead. The possibilities. The unexpected. The … Continue reading Just Wonderin’…

The Beauty of Line & Watercolor

A couple of days ago, Maddie and I sat out in our backyard, in the cool morning, to draw.  I had several sketchbooks (as I do when using watercolor, so that I can move on to another drawing while one is drying), pens, watercolors; and she had her big sketchbook, pencil, and markers.  When she … Continue reading The Beauty of Line & Watercolor

Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #4

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you! Purchase this in my ETSY shop HERE. Just $12 to Discover Your Life Beautiful...One Drawing At A Time! Sincerely, Jennifer Edwards

A Bird’s Nest

What is it about Bird's Nests that we are so attracted to them?  They're all over the web, on book covers, as jewelry, as decorations, on cards, in paintings, etc.  What is the "draw"?:) Does it have something to do with the brown mess of twigs and sticks, mud and leaves, tenderly assembled into a … Continue reading A Bird’s Nest

Baby Step #2: Wonder!

A new print for my Etsy Shop!  This one is titled, Wonder in the Weeds. You can read the posting that went along with it HERE. The watercolor painting was created eight months ago and since then I've been humbled to hear of how this little image has encouraged many of you.  Life certainly has … Continue reading Baby Step #2: Wonder!