Kollage Kick

I've been on a kollage kick lately! I love getting out of my usual drawing mode for excursions in collage. Here's a process you might like to try sometime: 1. Swipe some watercolor or acrylic around on a blank page in your sketchbook. 2. While that's drying, choose papers in colors that echo the colors … Continue reading Kollage Kick

Words On A Line

So I was out a 'walking... Sounds like the start of one of my other poems, but really and truly, these things happen while I'm on my walks! Crazy, huh? I got the idea to publish a little book of rhyming words by thinking about the question: What would I title a book of poetry … Continue reading Words On A Line

Oh Dear

  Oh dear.   Oh dear. Oh dear. They are tumbling out. In the face of this army, I frightfully rout.   Yet running straight into their arms I pout. I wield my pen and start flailing about.   Grabbing word after word as if fishing for trout In hopes that a poem eventually will … Continue reading Oh Dear