So much of life screams at us DO this!, DO that!, GO here!, GO there!, ACCOMPLISH this!, ACCOMPLISH that!  It helps me if I repeat over the screaming, “Just be!”

Somehow it doesn’t seem so production oriented…to “just be”.  Oh, to be sure, I can make “being” a whole lotta work!  But when I’m “being” in the way I should, present-minded, taking moments to just breathe, mentally record little beauties here and there, then I’m actually able to move through my busy days less harried, less frazzled, more purposeful.

It would be so cool if we could have a conversation…to share back and forth…what helps you to “just be”?  Send me your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll compile them to share with everybody!

Bienvenue à Tous!

Welcome All!  Genevieve is so glad you’ve popped in for a visit! You can read more about her in the category titled, Genevieve. But to give you a brief bio:  She’s an american who fancies herself to be french. She loves tea, flowers, birds, and trees. She wants to be present in all she does. To help her “just be!”, she loves to draw, paint, write, sing and play music, knit and crochet. At the end of it all, she just likes to sit and listen…the world is teaming with life, if she’ll only be still and listen for it!

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