Who Are You & How Did You Get Here?


So, I see these statistics on my WordPress stats page of increasing numbers of folks popping in to visit this little patch of blogland.  But the statistics aren’t very helpful.  It seems that some may simply visit the “Home Page”, the posting for the day; others may cruise around from post to post, and some may be brand new to my blog and are looking at the “About” and “Artist Statement” pages.  The stats page tells me there are 107 “Followers”.  The  meaning of this is not real clear to me.  My husband has reminded me there are any number of ways folks “check in” to a blog, and they don’t all require being a “Follower” as WordPress counts it.  Here’s just a few I can think of:

Everyday Matters, both the Yahoo group and the Facebook group.

Facebook & Twitter

RSS Feed.

Subscribing to the blog to receive an email each time I post.  This is a WordPress stat as “Follower”.

Google Reader.  This is how I “check in” to all my favorite blogs…but I don’t think any of the blog “owners” even know that I am checking in via this vehicle.  It doesn’t really land me on their actual site, unless I click to go to it.  I can just read/view the day’s posting.

Ravelry & Etsy.  Folks looking specifically for a pattern or an item to purchase may find me this way.

Pinterest.  I’ve had several links of late coming in from this site.

Direct click.  This might be someone like my mom, who has bookmarked my blog and just clicks on it to visit every so often.

Subject Searches.  Folks finding my blog due to “googling” particular subjects that direct them to my blog.  They may stay all of two seconds, or they might come back regularly…???

And there may be other ways I’m not aware of that folks come in for a visit.  But when I see the WordPress daily stats climbing…I have to wonder:  WHO ARE YOU & HOW DID YOU GET HERE?????

SO.  For this Grand Giveaway, I have three things I’d like to give:  a Zine, a pack of Genevieve cards, and a Genevieve Print.  So, that means THREE people will win something!!!  You won’t know WHAT you’re winning, but that might make it fun too!  Here’s what I’d like you to do:

**Place a comment HERE ON MY BLOG ONLY!  No matter where you come from, even if it’s Google Reader and you have to do the further “click” to land here on the actual blog, PLEASE comment as to How You Got Here!  If it’s your first time visiting, please say how you found this blog.  If you visit often, how do you get here? Facebook? EDM Yahoo? etc.  It would really be fun for me to know who you are and how you get here:)  Please feel free to participate if you live across the waters ANYWHERE!!  I’d love to know about you as well and give you an opportunity to win a little something from me.

***Final Day to place a comment and thus enter your name for the GRAND GIVEAWAY:  Sunday April 29th, 2012.  And tell me in your comment which item you might like best to receive.  I can’t promise it will work out, but I’ll do my best!! I’ll announce the winners on Monday, April 30th.

And a final THANK YOU to all who visit me here, whether you comment or not! I truly appreciate you stopping by my little blogarden.

P.S. If you’re trying to figure out the significance of the above drawing to this post…there isn’t one.  🙂  I just had this image in my head.  Something about Genevieve dreaming of paintings, of color, of blogosphere friends…????  I may be stretching it there.  But sometimes you just gotta draw what’s sittin’ in your head even if you don’t have anything of magnitude to say about it!!

Here are the goodies for the giveaway:

1 person will receive:

another will get:

and another person will receive:


A Zine…what is such a thing? From Wikipedia here’s a definition:

“A zine (play /ˈzn/ ZEEN; an abbreviation of fanzine, or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier.

A popular definition includes that circulation must be 5,000 or less, although in practice the significant majority are produced in editions of less than 1,000, and profit is not the primary intent of publication.”

The only Zines I had seen (hm, no rhyme intended:) were those of Andrea Joseph and Dan Price.  I own two of Andrea’s Zines and they are terrific!!! You should treat yourself sometime to one of her zines…her mad drawing skills will delight you to no end!  Though I do not own one of his zines, I have read one of his books, How to Make a Journal of your Life, and can imagine the zines being just as wonderful.

I have no idea why Andrea or Dan create Zines, but I just thought it would be fun!  Fun to create, fun to offer, fun to see a bit of my blog stuff in a little booklet.  I thought my kids might like them one day to add to all the paintings and sketchbooks they will eventually have dumped on them!

But the other reason, was just for myself.  When I started this blog, I really didn’t know the specific direction it would go.  I just wanted to share drawings, paintings and other things I like to do creatively.  Now that a few years have gone by, I am able to see some overarching themes that pop up fairly often.  A Zine was the perfect way to highlight just one aspect of what gets covered here in Drawn2Life and in my other blogs.  So there are plans for more Zines on different topics, of course with artwork!

Thank you to those of you who have ordered one of my Zines thus far! You’ve really made my day! And that’s the icing on the cake: when something that I enjoy, is in turn enjoyed by others.  I know there are many of you who enjoy visiting my blog…and I am so grateful for each of your visits! Drawn2Life is getting close to having 100 followers! Can you believe that?  When it hits 100 followers, I plan on having a little giveaway! No, maybe a BIG giveaway of several goodies made by me!  Keep popping by to see when that will happen so you can add your name in the hat!  If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, please do so! It’s always free!!!

Baby Step #10: A Zine of My Own

Oh my goodness, I am just tickled pink to offer this little booklet to you! It’s my first “zine” which I’m calling an Art Zine since it’s a compilation of my drawings, paintings, and writings, some of which is from my blogs, Drawn2Life and Drawn2Be! and some of which has never been seen on either blog.

I’ve titled this Zine: Thoughts on Drawing & Life.  Here are some of the topics you will read about:
*Why do I draw?
*My favorite ways to draw.
*Why I draw the way I do.
*How drawing speaks to my everyday life.
*Things I learn from the act of drawing.
*A poem about Drawing.

And, of course, each topic is “illustrated” by sketches, drawings, and paintings by Jennifer Edwards (me:). All totalled, there are 20 images of these drawings, paintings, etc. with a couple of “excerpts” from other artwork.

The Zine has 20 pages, printed professionally on Premium paper. The Zine measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

If you’d like one, you can order it through my Etsy shop, and I’ll send it to you in a 3-ring page protector. This ensures against any water damage AND will allow you to add my future Zines to your collection in a mini-3-ring-binder. I will then place it in a cardboard mailer to ensure further protection from bending.

I’m also signing and numbering each Zine!

**AND..for the first 10 of you who order a Zine, I will include a Genevieve bookmark and a small piece of Origami, folded by me:)!

I really do hope you will enjoy this…they would also make a lovely gift to someone.

***To THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE NEAR ME, please send me a message either in the comment here, or through Etsy, or just call me if you’d like to pick it up from me.  No need to pay the shipping and handling costs if we see each other on a regular basis!!

****MY NEXT POST:  Why I’m Drawn2Zine!  Y’all come back now, ya here?