Hmmm…not sure the spelling is right on this! Ha! Ha! But oh well! Fun to draw anyways and you get the point, I think:)

Genevieve is showing off her latest knitted booties.  These are made from a pattern by Susan B. Anderson whose blogs,  I Just Want to Knit and  Spud & Chloe, are wonderful for those who like to knit.  There are tons of free patterns on these blogs, of which this one, titled Page 81 Booties is found in the left-hand margin on this blog.  The really cool thing about these booties, is that they’re made of only two little squares!  (Susan uses three squares for added stiffness, but I didn’t feel mine needed that.)  They involve a simple fold or two, sewing them together, and then embellishing with whatever you’d like on top.  Genevieve is already on to her second pair of them…you never know when you need a pair for a gift!

AND…Genevieve also wonders what you’ve been up to lately…any “ta(h)-dah’s” for you?  Wouldn’t it be fun if we started a chain reaction of Ta(h)-Dah’s across the blogosphere ?  If you post a “ta(h)-dah”, send me a link to it…I’d surely love to cheer along with you!

0 thoughts on “Tah-Dah!

  1. Timaree says:

    Don’t they look cute. Thanks for showing them to us Genevieve. I don’t think I have a Ta(h) Dah moment right now. I’ve been getting lazy and have been playing some computer games instead of getting things done. I should start the second sock of a pair I have been meaning to get done for my sister – finished the first sock over a month ago after months of it just sitting there. Sounds like knitting has fallen a bit in my scheme of things while I am learning to paint more. It’s a beautiful yarn though so I should get back to it and maybe by next winter she’ll have a warm pair to wear!

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