Taking Hold of A Line

Before Lent began, a dear friend and I decided to walk through Lent with a sketchbook in our hands. This isn’t radically different from my normal everyday practice, but I had been sporadic with sketching, especially as a long, rainy & cold winter had all but sapped the color from my eyes.

The benefit of seasons, both in nature and the church calendar, is that they afford us an opportunity for change. I know I was parched for the nourishment of my sketchbook, but I don’t think I realized just how much so. Committing to a daily drawing (or two:) in a sketchbook, actively seeking something of note either mundane or magical, sets in motion a rumbling akin to Springtime…a quiet steady blowing on near-to-dying embers.

At first, weeks ago, I drew from my imagination, interior conversations, fantastical landscapes filled with color which I long to walk in. I also drew happenings, actual walks around Salem Lake and elsewhere, silliness with my daughters, the college world that is in my home.

For the first couple of weeks it was enough to just make one drawing, or two each day. Now I am filling page after page and my head is filled with far more drawings I don’t have the time for each day but am planning to sketch them soon! Photos are good for this…snap a photo and draw later from that if I’m unable to draw from life.

I’ve certainly experienced this before, but it is a wonder and a delight to pick up my pen and feel the taking hold of a line. Then soon having that line wrap itself around me and pull me along showing me all the things, places, events I can draw in my sketchbook! Drawings beget drawings…always! Ahhh… (contented sigh😊)

I have realized in writing this post, that I have far more I want to share with you through the lens of my sketchbook. So I will do so in shorter posts in the upcoming days. There are too many sketches to cram into one blog post! And I’m hearing my sketchbook call out to me just now as the blooming pear trees in my neighborhood are bursting like popcorn in a kettle!

Must go draw…but I’ll be back to share the findings!💖

15 thoughts on “Taking Hold of A Line

  1. Sally Frazier says:

    My Dear Jennifer, you are such a very talented lady. I love your drawings and your endless kind spirit that you are to all who know you. Your work is an inspiration to all that view it. I may have a project to commission you in the future. My Mom wrote several poems that I regret I never got someone to illustrate for her before she died.
    Keep up the magnificent art and Sharing.
    Kind regards, Sally

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you so much Sally for your kind and lovely words! I do hope you and your family are doing well these days! I have a feeling that you could illustrate your mom’s poems just beautifully! I know that you possess amazing creative skill in painting! I bet you are painting some wonderful eggs these days. Thank you for reading here and for being an ongoing encourager! Much affection to you Sally! -Jennifer

  2. Jeannie Boyles says:

    I love your sketches, Jennifer. You truly are an inspiration as well as a very talented artist! I hope to see your work for a long time❤️

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Robin! No I haven’t had an exhibition with fiber work. I’m not really wanting to exhibit creative work at the moment. Just drawing, weaving and spinning for joy and grounding. I hope you are doing well and still playing music and any other creative outlets you may have! -Jennifer

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